Working with Diversity and conflict

Write an essay about "Critically analysis how attitude and legislation have changed the landscape in Australia In Term of diversity expectation and behaviour".
You have to watch a video which is 1.5 hours long about the lifestyle in Australia in old time (1960-70s) Movie name " the weird Mob" (Disk 1 and Disk 2).
and you have to discuss what is unacceptable today and why is it so? You have to support this analysis.


Australia has been called the land of invasion by the British colonization in 1788, which led to many violence in the economy. The economy faced various incidents of discrimination and racism in the society which worsen the situation even further. The society saw its increase and changes since then as the indigenous people of Australia faced many changes and were later taken to be civilized like others. The society of Australia has always been a modern society since the invasion of British in the country. However, there is huge differences between the tradition and lifestyle of peoples of Australia during the 1960s and 70s compared to today. This is due to various reasons whether due to change in believes or due to imposition of new legislations from time to time. The country saw the concentration of maximum of its population mainly in urban and suburban regions then in the villages. There was also a distinctive type of food and lifestyle followed during the ancient time and today (Boyle et al., 2003). The essay discusses the major similarities and distinction between the lifestyle of Australian society in the 1960s-70s and today. Further it discusses the reason behind such change in the society and the lifestyle of the people.


Australia has gone through a number of change in its society and lifestyle of the people over the years in many prospects such as gender equality, rate of migration in the country, the modernization and beliefs of the young generation and Australian culture. However, there are certain similarities also that the Australian culture has carried forwards from the decades. There are various factors that show a change in attitude in the people and society which has changes the landscape of Australia (Griffiths, 2018). These factors shows the unacceptability of facts in today’s Australian society compared to the past. 
The era of 1960s were an age of extreme change and transformation in Australia after the era of colonization. The period saw a challenge given to traditional values and a great opposition to the decisions taken by the government. There were demands coming from the women who started realizing their rights in the society. They were of the view that women should be given equal rights in the society and there should be elimination of any kind of racial discrimination in the society. Women started to get paid high wages and got high rights in the society during 1970s. The role of women rose from just a normal caretaker to become a good part of the workforce in big companies and industry (Scutt, 2017). In 1972, the Whitlam Government passed a rule that women that are involved in doing similar jobs will be given same wages like men. Further in 1979 they also benefitted from getting a paid maternity leaves for themselves. These protests were inspired by the wider social movements taking place in other western countries during that period. There were other advancement also that took place during this period such as technological advancements. The period also saw a rise in migration during the period due to the White Australian Policy followed in the country during 1960s (Griffiths, 2018). However, the White Australian Policy was removed from the country which bought the migration level below again. However, women got the respect in the society that they wanted from decades such as equal rights, equal pay and others.
These lifestyle and traditions that were visible during the 1960s and 70s are somewhat similar in today’s world as well where the women is still respected in Australia and are given equal rights in the society. The society saw an introduction of Sex Discrimination Act in 1984 which meant equal rights and reduction in sexual harassment for women. However, the scenario is very different in 2017 where the country slipped from the rank of 15th in gender equality to 35th rank. This shows that gender inequality is still prevailing in the today’s society as the girls and women are still experiencing a great discrimination in many parts of their lives. This is evident as 47 percent of the women in Australia get a salary of $251.20 which is much less than the men. This shows that both the gender does not get equal pay in the country (humanrights, 2018). This shows that the status of women is not same as it was in 1970s which took place due to protest of women for their rights during that time. It is also evident that the 95 percent of the women take leaves from their work to get involved in household work and to take care of their children more than the male members of the society. Even though Australia is still a modern society, yet such facts still persists in the economy. The workforce of Australia now is highly segregated by gender and there has been a discrimination that distinguish men working culture from women working culture and confined women in only few industries like child care, health care and others. On the other hand the women are also suffering from sexual harassment which was stopped during the 1970s (humanrights, 2018). This shows that the sufferance of women has increased in today’s society which was removed during 1970s.

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There has also been a change in the rate of migration than the past. The country has saw a fall in the rate of migration in the 1970s due to abolishment of the White Australian Policy. However, the migration rate is not falling anymore in today’s world. In 2017 the migration rate has been seen increasing by 2.4 percent which is one of the maximum rate of increase in past years. Most of the increase in population is because of the net overseas migration. Moreover the increase in rate of migration is due to decrease in natural increase and fast increase of the net overseas migration (Scutt, 2017). The rate of incoming population is not only increase in recent times, it is also accelerating in a rate like never before. Thus, the society experience more number of outsiders in the country than the Australian people. This was not the case in 1970s after the White Australian Policy was scrapped. This shows that the condition of society is worsening compared to its past days. 
There are various other factors that are unacceptable today and persisted in the society in the past. There is huge change seen in the lifestyle of the people of Australia today compared to 1970s. Even though the society is growing more towards modernization, yet there has been some good changes that has been imposed in the economy by the government. People in 1970s were involved in extensive smoking in workplace, in public areas and in any other regions. This had a lot of negative impact on the society and the people. People used to think about the fully automatically washing machine which would make their life easy. However, today’s society saw various restrictions in the area of smoking and restricting people from smoking. Smoking in the public areas and in workplace is not acceptable in today’s society. This is due to various legislation that was raised by the government from time to time to ban people from doing such conduct. One of such legislation that banned smoking is Smoke-Free Public Places Act 2003 (Scutt, 2017). According to this act people are restricted to smoke in any enclosed public spaces within the Australian territory. Enclosed places in this act means the areas that are more than 75 percent closed. This act came into existence in 1994 when people were stopped from smoking in areas such as restaurants and cafes. Other enclosed places involve business areas, cinema, hotel, clubs, government premises, hospitals and others. In 2010 there was also few bans put on smoking in outdoor drinking and eating areas as well. However, it is allowed in restaurants and cafes that have their own licensed smoking area (tobaccoinaustralia, 2018). These legislation has changed the lifestyle that the people of Australia followed in 1970s and is not accepted today. 
Further the people of Australia during 1970s preferred drinking alcohol and thus the period saw a huge rise in the percentage of alcohol consumption. However, the alcohol consumption rate is much less today per person than it was in 1970s. This is due to enactment of many legislation related to alcohol consumption. In 1997 the country saw the introduction of Liquor Licensing Act. According to this act there has been various bans put on the liquor shops and it became necessary for the Australian liquor shop owners to attain license before selling liquor. Moreover, there are other laws as well such as the Summary Offences Act 1966. According to this act the people of Australia are not allowed to drink in public place (tobaccoinaustralia, 2018). It is considered as an offence in the country after the introduction of such acts. This showed that the tradition of consumption of alcohol in public place in the past is not acceptable in today’s environment due to such laws. 
There are enormous changes that has been seen in the families of Australia as well in many spheres such as household make-up, types of family, marital status, parental employment and others. Level of education in family has also changed throughout the years. There was a change in the characteristics of family from a couple family having dependent children in the past to a family having no dependent family. The number of family having lone-parent also increased in today’s Australian society compared to that in 1970s. In 1970s and 1980s women used to have their first child at early 20s or teens (SCANLON, 2013). However, the scenario is very different in today’s society, where the women are ready to have their first child not before the age of thirty. 
In 1970s the mothers acted like a care taker for their children and took care of them throughout their life. However, today mothers are more involved in paid works and leave their children to other care takers or crèche facility. The rate of such mothers increased from 43 percent in 1980s to 63 percent in 2010. This shows the changing scenario of mothers in today’s Australia compared to the past. The educational level of the people in the society has also changed over the past as women are being more independent than in 1970s. This is due to increase in the level of education they are taking. The percentage increase in post school qualification among mothers have increased to 26 percent which was much less in the past. Other changes that the society saw during that period is increase in the rate of divorce after the introduction of Family Law Act in 1975 (Hayes, 2010). Since then the divorce rate has been increasing showing a change in marriage bonding among couples in the society.


From the above analysis it can be concluded that the Australian society has undergone a lot of change since 1970s and is every different from today’s society. There are various differences seen in the lifestyle, believes and behavior of the people and the society in today’s society compared to that of 1960s and 70s. This is due to unacceptable environment for certain things and string legislation imposed by the government from time to time. The first differences is seen in the gender equality and rate of migration in Australia. The gender equality was greatly seen in the society of 1970s, which reduced in today’s environment as the women are no longer treated equal to mail. Similarly, the rate of migration has again increased in 2017 which reduced to certain extent in 1970s. There were also changes seen in the smoking tradition and alcohol consumption. The rate of smoking and alcohol consumption has reduced in Australia compared to past due to various legislation imposed in these fields. People are no longer allowed to smoke or drink in public region. Similarly there are changes implemented in the educational level of the mothers and alteration in the structure of the family in 2017 compared to 1970s. 


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