Wellness and Wellbeing

Write an essay on Wellness and Wellbeing.


Wellness is basically the physical health whereas wellbeing is wider and holistic.
•    According to the Dunn, wellness means a state of physical fitness to handle the environment. Making the balance between health and environment is termed as wellness. Environment and social factor affect the wellness of the person in many ways (Matuszek et al., 2014). 
•    If social factors are supportive then people will feel empowered and stay well. But if the social factors are not in favor like war and unemployment then it will affect the health and wellness of the person in the society (McMahon et al., 2014). Society and environmental factors also affect the wellness and health of the individual especially the child.
•    According to the equity model, it was found that the countries or economy who is distributing the wealth equally are healthier. 
The three factors which influence the child wellness and health are as follows-
•    Social factor- as according to the Urie Bronfenbrenner he argues that child wellness and health is highly depended on the society in which it lives. If the society is healthy then the child will also be healthy. Social media also play a vital role in influencing the wellbeing of the child and individual such as if the individual is trying to be healthy then he starts searching the magazine and other information on social site and journal to stay healthy. So the fact relies on the authenticity of the information (Myers et al., 2000).
Health and wellbeing are highly depended on the interaction with the environment.
Urie developed the social-ecological model to illustrate the effect of a social factor on the health and wellbeing. In his model, he clearly mentioned that the macro, as well as micro social factor, affect the well-being of the child.
Several demographic factors such as age, gender and education influence the health.
•    Biological factor- genes play a crucial role making the child healthy. Genes play a crucial role in underlying the individual differences although it also interacts with social and environmental components which also influence the well-being and health of the child. 
•    Environmental factor- climate and atmosphere also influence the well-being and health of the child. If a child is living in good climate then he will be healthier.

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•    Social and environmental as well as biological factors influence the wellbeing and health. 
•    If wealth is distributed in an equitable manner then it will lead to a healthy population.


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