Virtual Software Communications


A senior manager requests a short briefing on virtual management software. Among other benefits, software of this type can facilitate organizational communications. Applying a search engine of choice, input “virtual management software” as the search term. Identify two products that specialize in the facilitation of managerial communication.
Evaluate each product and the seller’s case for it; that is: Are the product’s characteristics and advantages articulated clearly? How would you rate the quality of the presentation? How easy is it to retrieve information from the website? Generate a short briefing contrasting and comparing the software products. Prepare this briefing in a professional paragraph style (no bullet lists or sentence fragments), and include the URLs relative to the


Virtual Management Software – Skype and WebEx


Skype is a product by Microsoft and is a premier product used by the companies in order to make effective and quicker communication amongst the team members. The main selling points of Skype is that it is a one stop solution of quick chat, content sharing, desktop sharing, meeting, calls and many other important requirement of daily life of a professional. What is that differentiate Skype is that it takes very less data and memory space and is perfectly configured with the Outlook (email system). The coordination with Outlook that it provides is commendable and this makes the link and outlook to work in sync easily (Hayes, 2013). One can see the set meetings in email over the Skype interface. The group meeting can be done in all the three capabilities like Audio, Audio Visual and Audio Visual Video formats, this makes the working very easy and lots of options are available for the team to conduct the meeting. The meetings which are set directly over Skype is visible in the outlook calendar. The capability is not just limited to one organization, even client contacts can be merged in the existing Lync System easily and hence making the system pretty easy for communication. Overall, Skype is a simple solution with only one motto, which is about providing seamless communication system and platform to the people in a company (Schulzrinne, 2008). The modes of the user can be changed to available, busy or any other customizable form. If one is sharing some stuff over Skype, he is intelligently moved to Do Not Disturb mode which makes another person incapable to ping him.


This is a cloud based solution powered  by Cisco, which is only available to conduct meetings with robust requirements, it has many different features which are usually not available in general meeting software. The prime highlights of this is that it does not require WebEx Software or plugin to be available in the system and any person anywhere, will just need a link and he is good to join the meeting without any issue. It gives a very systematic view of the attendees and help them to share content, with the capability of recording the meeting. They also provide some added features like “hand raising” for asking questions, “polling” to see the majority say and instant survey system (Cisco, 2013). These are few very intruding facilities that makes WebEx a very effective and easy to manage kind of system. However, the capabilities are limited to only meetings and during meeting conversation. It is not a system for live chatting and content sharing, the purpose is purely meeting. There are organizations which are not big enough and all communication can be made through phone calls and emails, in those companies WebEx can be a good way to arrange meetings and it also has the capability to make work from home for employees pretty easy. It does not come with a high cost like Skype and is a cloud based solution that can be used anywhere anytime (Cisco, Cisco WebEx Cloud, 2015). The prime offering is meeting and that is what it does the best.

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