Value of family

Write a literature review on: The value of family in the growth of a child


Literature Review
The research demonstrates the value of the family in the growth of the child as it is being influenced by the way family functions. The children completely rely on the family in order to meet the needs. The main motive of the research is to adjudge the boundary of awareness of the influences of the family on the improved quality of life of a child (Milteer, Regina M et al. e204-e213). Families are the most important part in order to shape up the life of the children. 
The Function of the Family 
The family's organization impacts the children directly. The first relationship is familial, and the children develop the experience of being delighted as a person in their own way. Children get the complete attention from their families for the sociability. The kind and type of care the children gets during the initial years helps them in handling the critical issues like distrust, trust, autonomy, etc. This helps the children to build relation with the people apart from their family members. The newborns are not aware of their identities and as the time changes they inculcate that they are the separate identities of their mother (Dahl, Gordon B, and Lance Lochner 1927-1956). The children who have siblings learn to share their personal resources with them. Children inculcate that how to cooperate with others and how to fight for their right in the families. The researchers (Richter, Linda) stated that when the needs of the children are met in the family then they are psychologically and socially strong and even their families are satisfied with their children. The families offer basic amenities along with the education and proper health care to the children for their appropriate growth. The children are loved and valued in the families in order to get all qualities of a great person. The families play a significant role in developing the positive values in their children. Further, this helps the children to cope up with the adverse situations in life.

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Impact of the Society on the family  
According to the researchers (Poulton, Richie, Terrie E. Moffitt, and Phil A. Silva 679-693), some families are dominating, and some are not towards their children. The society impacts the family in the both positive and negative way. As the children attend the play school and the various summer camps in order to learn things and they are even allowed to watch the television to learn the things fast. There are various agencies of the Government which enable to perform various activities by the members of the family like father, mother, and grand-parents so that they can learn how to develop values and other qualities in their children for their well-being. Despite getting great exposure, the family is the important part of the socialization of the children. It has been researched that the children are mostly inspired by their parents like their way of dressing, the pitch of their voice, their manners, etc., and they quickly adapt those things. The children behave in the same manner as their parents, and they even have a similar attitude. When the children become adult, they accelerate all the values which they learned during their childhood. The researchers stated that the parents should be very careful while showing negative attitude in front of their children as they quickly grasp the things and do them in the same manner.
Family Circumstances and the Outcomes of Children
According to the researchers (Vanderbilt-Adriance et al. 64-79), the inability of the children in order to cope up without the support of their family can give rise to the various strains like mental illness, violence, abuse, etc. Further, the researchers stated that the abusive behavior of the families impact the children adversely as they become violent, abusive, etc. in nature and as a result, they behaves negatively and doesn't develop the skills in order to cope up with stress and anxiety. The children can become stressful because of the attitude of the negative attitude of their parents and they even get into depression and exhaustion. It is being observed from the research that the resolution of conflicts, reciprocal expression of emotion and the problem-solving skills are connected with the health of the children and their well-being (Brown, Susan L., Wendy D. Manning, and J. Bart Stykes 177-190). It is very important that the parents should have the skills of management because this will help them to handle the level of stress for the growth of their children. It is also being researched that the children of single or divorced parents are at a high risk of behavior and emotional problems which lead to poor performance in schools and in other activities. Therefore, it is rightly said that the families have a great value for the growth of their children and their well-being. 

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