Tuesdays with Morrie

Key Topics

Read and comment on "Tuesdays with Morrie" Include description of how Mitch and Morrie approach Morrie's illness. What stage of life is Mitch in? (e.g, middle adulthood?) and how has his development changed since he first knew Morrie in college? how are both men resolving Erickson's stages of development? Which of Kubler Ross's stages best describes each man?


This assignment is the review of the book ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ by Mitch Albom and answers specific questions about the book and its characters. It explores the distinctive ways in which Mitch and Morrie approach the latter’s illness, who has been diagnosed with ALS. It also evaluates the men through Erik Erikson’s stages of development and Kubler Ross’ stages of grief.
Tuesdays with Morrie is a book based on the genuine association of author Mitch Albom with his college teacher Morrie Schwartz. Morrie had been one of Mitch's most loved teachers in college. However as time passed, separation and life kept the two from conveying with each other.
One night, as Mitch, now a renowned writer in Detroit, is viewing a Ted Koppel meeting on ABC, he sees his old educator as that night's subject. Morrie has been diagnosed to have ALS, otherwise called Lou Gehrig's ailment.
Mitch sees that his teacher's stay was developing short and he acknowledged that he has not kept his promise to stay in contact. He goes to his old educator's home and the two re-associate. They make a settlement that Mitch will visit each Tuesday. Morrie consents to let Mitch record these "last lessons" as the two talk about existence, passing and everything in the middle. The lessons from those Tuesday gatherings make up the pages of Tuesdays with Morrie (Wilde, 2008).
Mitch and Morrie have distinctive ways to approach Morrie’s illness. Mitch is initially guilt-ridden for the long time that he has lost and for the fact that he wasn’t able to live up to his promise of frequently visiting the teacher. Mitch is a man with a kind heart who has surrendered his fantasies of turning into a musician. It is just with Morrie's support that Mitch can understand the time he has squandered in the greater part of the years he has submerged himself in work that now appears to be moderately good for nothing. Every week, Mitch brings some food for Morrie to eat, however as Morrie's condition declines he is no more ready to appreciate solid servings. On one such visit, he brings his wife Janine to meet Morrie. Hence, it can be clearly seen that Mitch does all in his capacity to cherish the re-kindled bond and extract the most from the valuable life lessons Morrie endows him with (sparknotes).

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Morrie is a fantastic educator, and resigns strictly when he starts to lose control of his body to ALS. He understands that his time is running out, and that he should share his knowledge and experience on "The Meaning of Life" with the world before it is past the point where it is possible to do as such. Mitch serves as a vehicle through which he can pass on this knowledge. Having dependably lived as a savagely free man, it is troublesome for him to depend on others for the greater part of his essential needs, however he declines to be humiliated by his physical weaknesses, and tries decisively to appreciate being an infant once more (Quizlet).
Mitch is 37 years of age and is undergoing a mid-life crisis in his life whereby he has surrendered his fantasies of turning into an artist to longs for material riches. Mitch in his college days had been defined as a “very special boy” by Morrie. He has his passions intact, and was an aspiring musician. However after he graduated, all his dreams were put on the backburner and he ended up being a well-paid journalist for a newspaper. However this life supplied him with no satisfaction and created a huge void in him until he finally resigned and trailed on his path of re-discovery with Morrie by his side (Botton, 1997).
Erik Erikson discusses the last two formative stages as being Generativity versus Stagnation and Integrity versus Misery. Morrie is one of the distinguished examples of individuals who have effectively explored these stages. Toward the end of life, he was extremely focused around his associations with his friends and family, offering back to the group or the world, and keeping on learning until his final gasp. The social concentrate, ideally, can justify itself with real evidence. The offering back to the world and the learning is of extraordinary interest for a reader (Hoffman, 2015).
Kubler Ross’ stages of grief are as such: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. Out of these, the one that best describes Mitch is that of bargaining. Mitch and Morrie’s union has acted as a saviour to Mitch and has pulled him out of a pernicious void that was eating him up. His sedentary lifestyle, monotonous work and regular days were strangulating him and the rekindled bond provided him great respite and strength. Hence, against all odds, he strives to bargain, wanting his teacher to be saved and the conversations to live on. Acceptance describes Morrie’s mental frame the best. He is well acquainted with the gravity of his illness and knows that he will have to bid goodbye soon. He takes things as they come and is seen to be making most out of his numbered days (Hoffman, 2015). 


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