Theoretical frameworks of Autism Spectrum


my topic is regarding to ( the perceptions of general and special education teachers regarding full inclusion of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in elementary school )


Theoretical frameworks of Autism Spectrum Disorders ASD and Inclusion

The particular study aims to investigate the various experience and attributes of the teachers of general education about the enclosure of students suffering from ASD symptoms. The information depicts the entailing of the experiences by the participants which can be accounted as identical to others within the educational dimensions in contrasts to various situations. There has been an increased demand of inclusionary educational exercises among the students who has been detected with ASD syndrome. Therefore there is a necessity for determining the productiveness of such assignments. According to Waddington & Reed, (2006), factors affecting the triumphant of mainstream assignments are denoted to be environment of school and home; leadership in education and school, culture, knowledge and training of the pedagogues, behaviours of pedagogue and the funding. Moreover (Sari, Celikoz, &Secer, 2009) has opined that the earlier research has recognized teacher’s approach to be a significant variable in programs in education and also there have been numerous factors which impacts over their professional experiences. Kasa-Hendrickson &Kluth, 2005; Emam& Farrell, (2009); Waddington & Reed, (2006) has suggested that the behaviour f teachers towards inclusionary exercises along with involvement of students in inclusive education plays a key role for success of researched inclusion agendas. Waddington & Reed, (2006) has opined that a constructive insight can be formedabout the inclusion factors advantageous for ASD persons through evaluation of perspectives of persons working closely with students suffering with ASD. In literature, several theories existabout autism education. Among them, the tow important theories are “Theory of Mind” or ToM and “Applied behaviour Analysis” or ABA. ToMis chiefly believed to be adopted during the time of early years of school. Samson &Apperly (2010) has identified that there has been some other ToM capabilities like irony and unseen objectives, which happens in later- childhood period or adolescence. According to many research, due to lack of ToM, children suffers with autism. Tews, (2007) has identified that the earlier research suggests that persons may try to trounce some of their stereotype behaviours which happens concurrently with the absence of ToM. ABA is ascribed to be a “method of teaching which uses a series of trials to shape desired behaviours and responses.”As per the analysis, it has been examined that applying behavior analysis has become very crucial in order to cure autism spectrum within the children. It has been perceived that the majority of the treatment methods are followed this concept. On the other hand, there are many of those alternate methods included with ABA such as intensive behavioral intervention, trial training as along with Lovaas therapy and TEACCH method.

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However, in accordance with the learning theory of Constructivist “conceptual growth comes from the negotiation of meaning, the sharing of multiple perspectives and the changing of our internal representations through collaborative learning”. It has been examined that the collaborative learning has become very decisive among the several aspects of the Constructivist theory. Through the analysis, it can be said that the inclusion has been deemed as one of the best practice by which a large number of students with the disability could be benefited.  

To conduct the inclusion of the students with autism, it has become very crucial to have a professional degree, which can be helpful in order to understand the different symptoms. This is the reason behind the fluctuate attitude of the educators towards the students. This kind of interventions can be formed as both curricular modifications along with long-term programme. The education instructor should conduct the supervision procedure. It has also been examined that general educators teachers need to follow some major rules to provide education among the students with disabilities. Disabilities Education Act has become very crucial in the process of ensuring the Individualized Education Plan. Through the several sources, it has been found that a lot of general educators are indicating towards the issues they faced in order to deal with the students with the disability. They raised the importance of proper training, which can be helpful for them. Teachers are also explained how lack of cooperation from the stakeholders is destroying the broad environment. However, it can be said that there is still requires research in this area. In accordance with Humphrey and Lewis, increasing Autism Spectrum disorder among the students is a big issue, however conducting the development of the education within the population has remained as another major concern. It has become very crucial to consider the requirements of several groups inside the classroom setting. However, it has been examined that many populations face more hurdles as compared to the others.

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