SWOT Analysis of Commonwealth Bank


SWOT analysis of the any ASX listed company.



The report discuss about the commonwealth Bank of Australia, headquarter situated at the Sydney, Australia.  The commonwealth bank of Australia is a multinational bank with business across New Zealand, Asia, United States and United Kingdom.  The commonwealth bank has numbers of branches at international and national market. The core branches of the commonwealth bank situated in Melbourne and Darwin city as well.  The organization well known for banking.  The organization vision is to support millions of customers to own their own homes, to live and retire comfortably, also protect their families and properties as well.  The commonwealth organization support all kinds of businesses, and wide variety of industries.  The organization contribute the communities which helps generations to learn about managing of money which helps to secure better future.  The organization committed to foundational policy and guide basic for the performing their role.  The organization clear expectation in order to engage with stakeholder, shareholder, customers, supplier, regulators and other relevant communities which banks are associate.  By considering values of commonwealth bank, the organization associate with integrity, accountability, excellence and well services. The commonwealth bank is to shine at securing and enhance the financial comfortable of people, businesses and communities as well. 

Organization structure:  

SWOT Analysis of commonwealth bank 


•    The commonwealth bank have own various brands such as ASB Bank, commonwealth securities limited and commonwealth Insurance Limited. 
•    The commonwealth bank is the one of the largest Australian listed company on the Australian Securitas exchange. 
•    The bank provides various services such as insurance, corporate and consumer banking, private equity, credit cards, investment banking, Mortgages etc. 
•    The bank have strong revenue and reputation among the entire nation and international market as well.  It is profitable organization as well in current era. 
•    The bank have 45 000 employees and it is largest organization that provide huge employment. 
•    The commonwealth bank is brand name in banking and finance sector, this company well known as Australian financial service industry.   The organization has considerable brand value last 102 years and strong history as well.  The commonwealth bank is highly trusted and highly observed throughout Australian financial services.  There are other well-known brand for under the commonwealth bank group such as colonial first state, commlnsure. Firstchoice, commsec, Bankwest, ASB and Sovereign. 
The company contain solid presence in Australian financial sector and the organization have largest customer base compare to other Australian bank.  The organization is the principle financial institute where more than 33% of the Australian who are 14 years old or above.   The company provide banking and financial service every day to Australian, government units, corporation and relevant principal institution which are based on Australia.  The company have business expansion across the country as well such as Europe, Asia-Pacific area as well.   According to survey, the commonwealth bank is the second largest Australian based company on Australian securities exchange 
Commonwealth Bank holds diversified business mix by providing integrated financial products and services through retail banking, premium banking, business banking, institutional banking, fund management, superannuation, insurance and stockbroking. Strength – High Customer Satisfaction


•    The organization involve in huge controversies which impact over the mind of investor and was started some action group  at particular time and trolled to the website through “ Unhappy Banking” 
•    The rating of this bank was considerable poor, the financial rating provided by Moody’s was B Negative. 
•    The banks get a loan impairment expense which is thing of worry. 
•    Compare to other well recognized global bank such as HSBC and Citibank, the commonwealth bank has considerable weak international presence. 
•    Irrespective in the revenue from the lending products, the company lost a considerable market share duration of 2011-12 around half year. Especially in home loan, retail deposit and credit card business and business loan. 


•    The latest technology implementation into the core banking activities will improve performance and can enhance quality of service. The bank can reach at certain benchmark among the banking and financial sector through information technology. 
•    The starting on “commbank” attract to consumer and helps to build relationships with customers.  That is important for continuous development and growth of organization. 
•    The effective expansion across Asian market will helps to develop long term growth. 
•    Business expansion at global market :  the commonwealth bank has growing at global presence over the retail bank in New Zealand, Indonesia,  other global site such as banking investment in china and Vietnam, additionally the company representative place in Beijing and Hanoi.  Other branches in global world such as London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Mumbai, Auckland and shanghai as well.   The company has opportunities to expand business through global operations, especially in Asia-Pacific region. 
•    Opportunities in stockbroking service : the Reserve Bank of Australia’s has been decided that they reduce official cash rate to 2.75%  that means the fix income assets such as term deposits plan and government bonds will remain less attractive for investors.   That will initiate for investor and increasing trading in the stock market where the inventors resume to stock market and find the opportunities to go ahead of the stock market.  That will provide opportunities to develop and expand in stockbroking services. 


•    The banks activities and considerable amount of growth attract to unethical source such as cyber-crime.  The profits are affected by the investor confidence at the global market and economy.  In case, weak economic attitude can be unacceptable growth. 
•    The foreign exchange rate are the one of issue for the global economy.  The bank have to face default risk due to security party not being able to meet their duty invasion.
•    After the certain years for the global financial crisis, that will unstable global economy at regular interval.  Causes of uncertainty  in the global markets has developed the challenging  and operating environment in the Australian banking sector, that will affect the consumer confidence and it goes to downward.  There are certain variation such as higher saving rates, lower discretionary spending, weaker equity markets, lower demand for credit etc.  All kinds of operating conditions are attract to lower revenue and profit growth for commonwealth bank. 

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