Study for Nurse Managers and for Bedside Nurses

In light of the conclusions made in the reading Aiken et al 2016: What are the implications of the results of this study for nurse managers and for bedside nurses?


In this assignment implication of the research finding and conclusion on the nurse manager and other individual have been discussed.  The research is made on the unique and large study of nursing skill mix in hospitals situated in Europe.

The conclusion of the study made by Aiken

In his research, Aiken has very clearly mentioned and pointed out that bedside nurses play a vital role in taking care of the patient and they yield better result by making patient satisfied with their care services on time. Bedside nurses have more professional touch as compared to other workforce in the care unit. Aiken also mentioned in his conclusion and finding that hospital authority should critically think while reducing the nursing skill mix as it may lead to putting negative impact over the performance of the nurses and another hospital workforce (Aiken et al., 2017). 
In his conclusion, he very well mentioned that if we reduced the nursing skill mix then it will erode the safety and quality of the care unit as a whole. It may also lead to the preventable death of the patient, which will decrease the trust of the patient. As a result, they will rate less to the hospital management in regards to safety and quality of service. So Aiken and other associate mentioned and urged that management of the hospital should take critical care while implementing the policies and procedure in the care unit to reduce the nursing skill mix as its consequence is life-threatening. If the skill of the nurses have been reduced and no professionalism is found then it will lead to erode or destroy the goodwill of the hospital and care unit in regards of quality and safety of the service.

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After analyzing the conclusion mentioned in the research paper of Aiken, L. H. and other associates what is found that hospital authority should critically think while implementing the policies regarding reducing the nursing skill mix as it may lead to a negative impact over the patient and the nurse performance.
Reduced nursing skill mix and professionalism may lead to the death of the patient which can be saved. If the nursing skill mix is reduced and unprofessional nurses and manager are appointed to the care unit and hospital then it will put the negative impact on the patient and it may also lead to having preventable death. It will reduce the patient trust (Stimpfel et al., 2016).
The major implication of reducing the nursing skill mix is it will reduce the overall safety and quality of the care unit. Safety and the preventive measure will be on the question if the skill of nurses is reduced.
Hospital care quality will be destroyed and ruined. As a result, the patient will be less satisfied with the hospital management and service of the hospital. Reducing the skill mix in nurses will cause a shortage of the nurses for the services.
The major implication to bedside nurses is that they will not be able to satisfy their patients with their services and care. They won't be able to provide preventive measures as well as they fail to adopt infection free atmosphere.


At the end of this assignment, it can be concluded that hospital authority should give prime importance and think critically while implementing the policies regarding reducing the nursing skill mix in the hospital as it may lead to hampering the overall performance of the care unit. Reduced nursing skill mix may lead to having preventable death. It will reduce the trust and cause the nurse’s shortage also. Quality and safety of the care unit may be affected due to reducing the nurse’s skill mix. 


Stimpfel, A. W., Sloane, D. M., McHugh, M. D., & Aiken, L. H. (2016). Hospitals are known for nursing excellence associated with better hospital experience for patients. Health services research, 51(3), 1120-1134.
Aiken, L. H., Sloane, D., Griffiths, P., Rafferty, A. M., Bruyneel, L., McHugh, M., & Sermeus, W. (2017). Nursing skill mix in European hospitals: a cross-sectional study of the association with mortality, patient ratings, and quality of care. BMJ Qual Saf, 26(7), 559-568.

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