Stages on Software Development Life Cycle



Write about the stages in software development life cycle


Stages of Software development life cycle

The software development lifecycle is defined as the cycle in which the planning, testing, deploying is done for developing the software.  The concept of software development lifecycle applies to all range of software and hardware configurations. The lifecycle is composed of the clear path which is used by the system developers and software engineers in order to plan for build, design, test and deliver information system (Highsmith et al., 2013).
 The software development life cycle has six phases which are explained below:

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1.    Collection of requirements and analysis

In the first phase, the information is gathered by meeting with the project manager, stakeholders, users and others. The information includes the users of software, how the software will be used, input data and others. After collecting data, the information is analysed in order to check the validity of data (De et al., 2013).

2.    Design 

In this phase, the software is a design from the collected information. It helps in system architecture, and it also describes the requirements of system and hardware.

3.    Implementation

After getting the system, design coding is started by dividing the work into modules. It is the longest phase of the lifecycle.

4.    Testing 

After developing the code, the testing is done in order to check against the requirements.

5.    Deployment

After testing the software is delivered to the customer. 

6.    Maintenance

The problem arises at the time of use by the customer which needs to be solved in order to take care of the product which is known as maintenance. 


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