Jenifer Loop

Expert of Engineering with rating 4.3


Done Masters in Electronics Engineering from Portsmouth. I have worked as digital electronics teacher for two years and digital electronics professor for last eight years. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Logic Gates
  • Knowledge of Digital Electronics
  • Concepts
  • Digital Circuits
  • Synchronous systems


  • Working with as freelancer for two years
  • Worked in polytechnic college as digital electronics teacher for two years
  • Working in university as digital electronics professor for last eight years
  • Working as online tutor of digital electronics for three years
  • Conducting online sessions of digital electronics for two years
  • Successfully completed almost twenty one hundred assignments for three years

Professional Skills

  • Knowledge of Digital Electronics and integrated circuits and communication engineering signals
  • Ability to generate effective teaching by making use of various different methods
  • Teaching concepts of digital, analog circuits and logic gates
  • Implemented using fixed circuits and circuits were modified and circuits were fabricated inside a IC
  • Created and edit instances of this course assigned them to students and viewed their progress
  • Facilitated the comprehension variety of digital electronic concepts
  • Assisted project-based applications that combine and reinforce skills throughout the course
  • Operated analog signals whose performance is subjected to signal attenuation
  • Implemented binary number system and also established the use of binary system
  • Constructed a digital circuit from small electronic circuits called logic gates and combinational logic


  • Playing Balling
  • Reading thriller novels
  • Exploring new places
  • Travelling

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