Social Media and Implications of Information


Social Media and Implications of Information Associated with it.


Today’s scenario is characterized by a paradigm shift in the process of collecting information. Until recently, it used to be a hard time for the scholars to get access to certain books and other useful scholarly articles because they were physically quite restricted to obtain these important publications. Today, however, with the advent of the internet, the users are no longer physically bound to access the necessary information that is not even close to them to do so. Today we can easily search, obtain as well as download electronic papers, books, journals, and electronic archives. In other words, the internet has become such a platform by which information is very easily obtainable (Xiang, & Gretzel, 2010). In this regard, social media is also playing a vital role in processing tons of information day in and day out. However, this easily obtainable information can have some devastating effects too. In the following essay, we will try to analyze every aspect of information that is found on the internet.
Today, the internet is making it easy for everyone to disseminate information electronically. Due to this, the users have a lot more options as to how to obtain and process the information. There are millions and millions of web pages that anyone can access just by sitting at home. The e-mails have also been profoundly helpful in getting interesting articles by subscribing to the services of scholarly journals. In addition to that the current events, newsfeed and a lot of other necessary information is just one click away from us. The Internet has particularly proved extremely helpful in money transactions and bill payments. However, there are some negative consequences of being able to obtain information easily. It is important to note that the easily available information on the internet is also making us lazy, which could render us to use less and less creative powers. Apart from that, the internet is also home for really potentially dangerous information that could wreak havoc if it is used with dangerous intentions(Lee, & Ma, 2012). 
The social media sites are the new domains of information in which we create profiles and post a lot of information about almost anything. They engage us by allowing to perform a range of activities – making comments and posts, receiving feedback and giving answers back to others. It is a significant advantage by collaborating in this manner with no cash investment at all. As an audience, the most popular social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have profoundly impacted our lives. We connect to the world through these sites and get to know what is going on in this highly connected electronic world. The higher number of people when reading our posts they would in turn more likely to spread it to the others. In this way, information travels fast and cheap. Social media has the ability to drive traffic to a blog, website, and articles (Fulk, et al, 1987). Most importantly, it provides us an innovative method of conducting business. However, with this liberty, social networking sites also allow hackers to play their ball. There are daily incidences when profiles and accounts of people are being hacked. It requires common working knowledge of technical skills known as social engineering. It can also be used to tarnish the image and bringing disrepute with false claims that can cause huge losses to affirm. Social media can also cause confidentiality issues.
By knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of social media, one can take precautionary measures to proceed with his business or personal life for that matter. The advantages that come with social media can help build relationships with people who share the same attributes and interests. For the same reasons, social media is extremely helpful in making people put more value on their qualities than in the real world. If the disadvantages are known by us we will more likely be able to protect our identities and tell our family members how to communicate in social media. We should also be very careful to meet the right individuals who would help us in our business. Social media has been extremely useful for us to engage extensively and always keeps us informed about the latest trends in every walk of life. The way it has generated excitement in today’s world, people are more likely to be connected together (Stieglitz, & Dang-Xuan, 2013). This bonding can go a long way, especially when sponsoring worldwide products, operations as well as ideas due to which people from different walks of life converge at a single point and state their opinions. So, knowing about the influence that t it can make on us and our behaviors, we should know exactly how it works and use it fully which site to emphasize and also knowing what are our goals that social media can help us achieve them.

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As we saw, social media is one of the crucial platforms from which individuals are operating their businesses by making full use of its features. People around the world have started connecting through these sites and communicating in a way that had never seen before. The way social media has unleashed its immense potential has only made us guess as to what it could do in the future. We also discussed that there are disadvantages of social media or the internet for that matter. So, it is up to us to use its full potential with caution and care.     


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