Researched Review on Article Block F 2008




Write one individually researched review on article Block F 2008. ‘Swimming Against the Current: The Rise of a Hidden Developmental State in the United States’, Politics & Society, Vol. 36, Iss. 2, pp. 169-206.


Main theme: 

The article basically focuses on the dramatic expansion of financial and technological capacity that has been injected by Federal government in spite of the presence of market Fundamentalist strategies under US politics. Commercialization of new technologies in both Europe and US is the prime focus of the respective government of the Nations. Having experienced in divergence from the Western Europe US has mostly mount in philosophy and social policy of the governance where the choices that are made by United States were deeply influenced by the market fundamentalism. 

Engaging with the underlying theoretical narrative: 

The article is one of the top notches in US politics and governmental issues. It is one of the highest rated debate and argument about the importance and implementation of commercialization in order to support the private markets and companies within US (Ashcraft, & Cohoon, 2017). Similar articles that show the importance of this particular article which includes a debate among the federal government and US politics are- “The Commercialization of America” as written by Darrel West, “Commercialization of politics” by Matthew P. McAllister and Janelle Applequist and “The Paradox of Commercialisation and its impact on media state relations in China and South Africa” which was written by Adrian Hadland and Shixin Ivy Zhang. As stated by Mertens, & Thiemann, (2017) the concerned article has focused on displaying the US and European policies regarding market expansion and introducing developmental policies. They highly focus on pursuing developmental network state or DNS which strengthens political condition of US market.

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Strength and weakness of the article: 

Strengths include-

•    The article has clearly shown the views of US and European developmental policies with contradiction to the politics in both the societies. For example it has argumentative restated that if funding of scientific research is not included in the government rule through National Science Foundation then to get involved in commercializing new technologies are not merely justification for the public agencies (Pearce et al. 2017).
•    It has clearly explained the role of various regulations and acts with respect to Innovation and development of new technology For example National Cooperative research act of 1984, small Business Innovation development act of 1982 and Stevenson-Wydler Technology innovation act of 1980.
Out of the limitations the one which has been evidently lacking in the article is a proper conclusion about the debate. It is therefore a bit problematic to reach to a certain conclusion and develop its justification by the readers. There are no as such puzzling sentences within the article.


The article has effectively focused on commercialization in the market which has received some negative views from both US and European policies with more efforts on the former Nation. It has clearly stated the importance of DNS in the market of US however has been criticized by US politics since Federal government has been held responsible to introduce it. The article eventually stands by some rules and regulations to be followed in small businesses by providing the justification of introducing technology and commercializing the market. Fundamentalist ideas have been criticized which are the sole power of US politics however has proved to be not so effective so far in market development and growth.  


Ashcraft, C., & Cohoon, J. M. (2017). Gender, Commercialization and Thought Leadership in Computing: Examining Women’s Participation in Information Technology Patenting and Conference Paper Authorship. In Technology, Commercialization and Gender (pp. 177-198). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.
Mertens, D., & Thiemann, M. (2017). Building a hidden investment state? The European Investment Bank, national development banks and European economic governance. Journal of European Public Policy, 1-21.
Pearce, P., Jones, B., Li, F., Ensafi, R., Feamster, N., Weaver, N., & Paxson, V. (2017, August). Global measurement of dns manipulation. In Proceedings of the 26th USENIX Security Symposium (Security’17).

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