Question Based on the Learning and Communication Online

Question 1

Why is it important to me as a tertiary learner to use credible sources in my academic research and writing?
Creditability of sources is important for a tertiary leaner in carrying out a research activity in their academic level.  There are various reasons that defines the importance of such creditable sources. It is very crucial for the students to judge the creditability of the online sources they use for the academic purpose. Creditability of sources means authenticity that the source offers a student to be used in their work. It is important that they judge that the sources are credible so that they can rely on the information given in these sources. Further it is important because the audience will seek for evidence of the information offered in the academic paper. The creditability makes the audience believe in the accuracy of the data they are offering. This is because an information provided in an authentic article has been researched by the author before reaching to a conclusion related to a topic (Hewson and Stewart 2016). This makes the research much accurate, true and free from any kind of error from the end of the user. Any information that is not coming from an inaccurate sources will not convince the audience to belief in any facts provided by the researcher. 
    Thus, there are various reasons that has made it important for the academic writers to use credible sources in their research work such as satisfying the expectations of the academic community whom they need to submit their research work. To make the academic personal believe that the work is no based on personal opinion and assumptions and there is some true evidence behind the things that has been proved in the writings (Hewson and Stewart 2016). It helps the academic writer to learn about the ability of using useful material from the resources and decide whether it has been explained in a proper manner. 

Question 2

Why is it or will it be important to me in my career to use credible sources in my professional research and writing?
Using credible and authentic sources in professional research work is also important for the career that involves various research work every day. There are many reasons behind it as credible resource are the ones that has been written or published after taking up proper research of the market or the things involved in the research. Thus using such resources adds to the benefit of the business or the project one is involved in. this in turn benefits the career of the person involved in the research work (Denscombe 2014). This is because of various reasons such as:
?  Firstly using authentic and credible resources will help the researcher in giving true and high quality research work to the professional place they are working in, benefitting         them in future. Thus, they get a chance of promotion for acting responsible and helping the business to progress. 
?  Secondly using authentic sources will help the researcher to learn the importance of such sources and the ways by which they can judge the creditability of the sources.   Thus, they can use such knowledge in their professional fields to improve their career.
?  Using credible sources will help the business get more number of profitable projects and also take necessary steps depending on the result of the result. This is because credible sources helps in giving the true picture of the market to the business. This in turn helps the researcher to grow in its career.
?  Lastly, the researcher will themselves get to know the actual state of the market from the research which they can use in it career growth. It will help the researcher in finding       the most profitable career path in today’s world if they have done a research on the market using credible sources (Denscombe 2014).

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Question 3

Compare the relative merits of two sources about the same issue or topic that you have located, one with greater credibility than
the other (e.g. a journal article versus a social media post). In your comparison you are to briefly explain:
o why one source is more credible than the other
o how this source would help you in your professional/career practice more than the less credible source.
There are various sources that can be used by the researcher for completing or concluding their research work. However, some sources are authentic while others are not. There are two types of sources used in concluding whether parental style impacts the development of a child. In doing this two sources can be used, one is post given on social media sites by parents and other is the journal available in google. Both the sources have their own merits in the research. The comments and views given in the social media are from parents and they are the actual people that experience the impact of their behavior on the child. On the other hand merits of a journal is that it is more authentic as it has been concluded using the whole market research. 
?  Journal source is more authentic than the social media source because the information given in the social media is through assumption of the parents and are not delivered using facts. On the other hand information provided in the journals are more authentic because the result in the journal are got from proper market research. Journals offer         better authentic facts than the social media. Moreover, it might happen that the parents in social media is just giving their opinion according to their own experiences. The opinion of one does not match with others. Thus using such resources become more time consuming. Whereas information given in the journal are accumulated and are the conclusion of such different opinions. 
?  The journal sources will help me in getting overall knowledge about the appropriate parental styles and its impact on child’s development. The facts given in the journal will help me become a better child counselor in future with better knowledge about child psychology compared to information in social media.


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