Question based on Leadership Principle

Question: Write an essay on Leadrship principles


Leadership is the important part of the management. Without leadership, the organizations will not survive, as it provides the guidance to the employees so that the functioning of the organizations will be done in a smooth way. Leadership is an important element of society, which means that where society exists, leadership also exists. (Hackman, 2013, p.2). But the ability which differentiates the leader is its communication skills with its subordinates and workers. This paper helps me in describing the leadership qualities that how we communicate with our peers and what qualities I don’t like as a leader within me in the context of readings of leadership. This reflective study helps me in understanding the important concepts of leadership by the description of a real-life example that was faced by me as a leader.  
The leadership position which I have attained in the earlier stages of my life has proved as the changing concept for me. The people that I have encountered while serving in the community center has greatly influenced my leadership definition to the great extent. I have seen that the leadership example has great influence on my life.
During the end of my school, my friend came to me and asked about the working in the community center. I agreed with the proposal so he made me the in charge of the youth conference at the community the beginning of my leadership, I was very task-oriented and wanted others to follow the same. For inculcating this habit among others I created teams and organize the briefing sessions for the tasks. But as I find my friend Tony has a different leadership style of working. His leadership impacts a lot of the people as he focuses on building long-lasting relationships (Hackman, 2013, p 46). This example states that what I dislike about my leadership style. My leadership style is somewhat the autocratic type as my focus is always on the working, but the style of Tony is of participating as he always involves the persons in decision making and believes in investing in people. As (Hackman, 2013, p.55) states that the leaders are the one who focuses on the one to one relationship with the teammates. The leader is seen as the encourager, burden bearer, and a guide. So, I made Tony as my inspiration and transform myself, and this will create a long-lasting impact on my life. 
Based on my real-life experiences the incident that has changed myself by taking leadership to the position of formal position. As earlier I believe that whatever happens is the will of God, and I never initiate for the position but just waited for the position that provides me an opportunity of lead. Thankfully God has used that situation from the mouth of my friend, who has approached me for the leadership at the community center of the Church. This has shifted my autocratic approach of leadership to the communicative approach (Hackman, 2013, p.22). The lesson that I have learned is that leadership is “to identify the abilities within us, but it will be confined if we do not take stand for that to announce”. As leadership is defined by researchers as the dimensions of communication, which are categorized into personal and interpersonal, which will focus on the task that needs to be done, and also focused that who will do that work. (Hackman, 2013, p.10)
The incident that makes me realize that my leadership skills are not effective and it leads to a conflict situation is that as in the initial years of my leadership as the in charge of the community center is of Autocratic type, as I believe in the concept of leading others. As at the time of Christmas, the teens made the presentation to express the worship of God in a creative manner. But when I saw that presentation I found flaws in that so I verbally abuse the teens, to make improvements in the presentation in a musical way. This incident makes them feel humiliating and they decided to quit the team. This incident realized me that the interpersonal communication skills I very essential in the leader to lead the team, which results in innovative ideas.(Hackman ,2013 p.65) and leaders achieve their goals in the way their followers think of themselves.
So my leadership style is the result of many experiences that I have learned in the community center, that teach me my own definition of leadership.


Hackman, M. Z., & Johnson, C. E. (2013). Leadership: A communication perspective (6th ed.).


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