Paper on Strategic Marketing Presentation

Prepare and assesses the overall strategic marketing of ONE of the following businesses:
Pak n Save, Countdown, Air New Zealand or Jetstar. For you chosen business, discuss the
following in your presentation:
1) Background of the company
2) Overall mission and strategic direction
3) Brief overview of the major competitors and how they differentiate themselves
4) Positioning strategy – how is the company currently positioned in the market place?
You will be marked primarily on your relevant content; however marks will also be awarded
for persuasiveness and overall presentation.Please ensure you have a brief introduction and
conclusion. Please state at the end of your presentation or show a list of references used.




The paper discusses the various strategic aspect of Pak n Save. The strategic direction, competitors and the positioning strategy of the company is being discussed.




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The company is the New Zealand’s discount food warehouse chain which is owned by the cooperatives of the foodstuff. The company was founded in 1985. The company provides groceries and food at the low prices ("PAK'nSAVE Supermarket | New Zealand's Lowest Food Prices | PAK'nSAVE", 2016). The company is among the three largest super markets of the New Zealand. The other companies are Countdown and the new world.




The mission of the company is to provide groceries and food to the people at a very low cost so that they can access to it.




Current strategy of the company-
The company is oriented towards capturing more customers who are in the offline space.
Suggest improvements and other ways-
It is suggested that the company should venture into the online space also as there are numerous customers out there
Strategic initiatives should be taken to capture social media users.
Steps to effective online advertising can be implemented (West et al, 2015).




Direct competitor- the direct competitor of the company and explain what similar products and services they provide to the customers and how they are different from the given company. (Countdown and the new world).
Indirect competitors- they are the ones who provides the services and products which are different but have an impact on the company. (Capture Value and Four Square)




1. The current positioning strategy of the company
The company is a discount warehouse. The focus is to attract the customers who prefer discounts more than other thing.
2. Recommended positioning strategy
The quality should be considered as major point as effect of discount might fade away once nearest competitor comes with more effective pricing strategy (Solomon, M. R. 2014). 




The company is moving ahead among the competition and expected to reach farther if right strategies are considered along the way.




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