P&G | Ariel Background

 Advertising Brief    
MKT102A Advertising Brief Template  1 
Client:   Client name + product / service name 
Background:  General brand and market introduction (two paragraphs max) 
Purpose of the brief: In simple terms outline the task – the problem the advertising has to solve.     
Marketing Objectives: Only list desired marketing outcomes e.g. sales, volume, market share,     distribution etc. Must be SMART. Notes:  “How to write SMART objectives” 
Marketing Strategies:  Marketing Mix:   Product= describe the product (range) in terms of sizes, colours, packaging or  key differentiating feature  Price= List the prices for each of the products listed above to give the users of this brief the idea of price range and price positioning. With variable pricing e.g. a vehicle model you can use ‘from $xxx’ Place=  Identify the types of distribution outlets from which the consumer can trial or buy the product/service Promotion= List the non-advertising promotional activities which have recently occurred or will occur concurrently with this planned advertising campaign 
Target Audience:   Primary   Provide a target audience profile description in the standard industry format in  terms of: • demographic,  • geographic,  • psychographic,  • Behavioural o usage,  o benefits sought  
Note: Depending on the campaign purpose, there may be other specific audiences that might need to be reached –Secondary or even tertiary.  Note that including secondary or even tertiary audiences may require unique media & messaging in the campaign proposal. Only include extra audiences if significantly relevant e.g. Gate keeper/consumer roles. 
 Secondary (If necessary) List profile description of the secondary TA using the  same format and detail. 
Advertising brief submission template V2 2017 2 
Consumer insights  
Insight into the consumer that relates to the purpose of the campaign that will provide deeper understanding of the consumer to help in achieving the desired outcome. Support this with researched and referenced data. 
Target Audience Weighting Identify the level of prioritisation between the two audiences to assist the media investment split (E.g. 60/40 or 75/25). Only required if more than one audience.    Advertising Objectives: Only include those specifics (in this SMART Objective) that advertising can achieve. It is a statement of WHAT the advertising campaign is setting out to achieve not HOW it will achieve them (how is a strategy not an objective). 


P&G | Ariel 

P&G is launching is its new series of cleaning products specially made for household cleaning. The name of the brand will be “Ariel”. The issue of marketing is the quick development of brands, for example, those that are involving a youth market, therefore, the business objective is to make a range of products that will engage this age of new buyers. Thecreativegroup will lead the product, “Ariel” Detergent. This is a rare chance to create a variety of new product range from scratch. We will be creating anadvertising campaign for the company to boost its new launch and to increase the customer. 
Objective (SMART)
One of the essential targets is to convince the buyers to purchase and utilize Ariel detergents and additionally encourage them to make and practice this new brand. For the launch of this product, P&G will have to make it sure that their goals are measurable, clear and its defined by a time frame. Our sales expectation is to sell around 1000 detergent within a week. P&G might be requiring long lead time for the selling the product. They will like to have more than 50000 detergents sold. One of the objectives of will be to get retweets and website visit, the aim will be to get more than 50 retweets and more and thousands of visits. More than 1000 of customers will utilize this product for their cleaning needs. (Fogel & Lewis, 2010)

Marketing Strategies (Marketing Mix)

Product: Ariel detergent will be an excellent product and is upgraded version of well-known detergent, which is the enzyme to remove the stain without hindering the cloths. Since the utilization of washing machines is growing day by day detergents are required to clean the clothes and keep them fresh. 
Price: Ariel will become famous as compared to earlier version of detergent by P&G that are widely accepted globally. The product will apply the best possible pricing strategy. The price variant will be in two parts: One will be for the premium segment (Ariel Premium) and this will cost around 30$ and other is for the general population and this will come in small packing and will range from 1$ to 10$. 
Place: In the coming month, the X-market will be introduced in Australia market and it will soon be launched this year in the Indian market. There will be an expanded market in different countries likeMexico, Japan, Brazil, Pakistan, India, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru. There will total 2-3 outlets in every city of Australia from where the consumer can buy the products. 
Promotion: To separate themselves from competitors, Ariel mainly focuses on the use of latest technology and innovations, which they use to make their detergent powder. Ariel has dependably said that 'some things are only possible to accept after witnessing them first' and that is the reason it has made a few promoting efforts to make its products according to shoppers.(Goi, 2009)

Target Audience

Primary: We are essentially looking at urban and rural ladies, 18 - 34, with the average salary, there is a limit of $10 to $10,000 dollars for each year, however the most critical reality about this group of people is that it is an expanding variety of Australian populationis evolving withethnicity and caste depicted.Proudly we call this audiencepracticalromantic. They know that environmental change is genuine, because of human, and that science that specifically influences the earth. They know the threatsto future generation and they will change their way of understanding to help the earth. Additionally, they purchase cleaning items to clean, they won't utilize expensive or weak items since they are eco-friendly. Remember that there are no solid feelings or feelings about the category of the product (clothing detergent) and utilize the same item from their relatives.

Secondary Audience:The secondary target market will be laundry and cloth cleaning stores. 
Consumer insights

There is a positive cooperation for the moms of children and dirt. They used to feel positive about their kids as they look at the experience of finding out about the earth, and this did right by them of their youngsters. This understanding is powerful to the point that it changed over Ariel into emotional and friendlier brand with new products for shoppers. 
While shaping your business strategies, consumer insights are the best while in the discovery phase. This will help P&G in guiding their creations of ideas that include product and the development of brand taking their valuable customer insights and then changing them to the areas of strategic innovation. 


Advertising Objectives

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Here are some of the advertising objectives for P&G (What): 
1.    Getting Attention:One the main aim and objective for P&G will be to get attention. Utilizing highly readable print in their advertisements like pictures, colours and texts will help them in boosting the customer attention. 
2.    Prompting Immediate Action: The advertisement that P&G will be delivering should prompt the viewer to take an immediate action. This can be in form of discounts or coupon. 
3.    Getting back or replacing the lost customer: New ways for advertising like social media, replacing the traditional ads and making a motivating and will help the company to regain their lost clients.
4.    Brand Awareness: Brand awareness should be calculated by dividing the total people who are aware of their brand by a total number of people in the market. 
Advertising Strategy
1.    Direction: Multiple approaches can be employed like content marketing, YouTube marketing and digital direct response on some of the websites. Email campaign may also help in this. 
2.    Media: For P&G we will use digital media like social media, email, ads on television. Also, the company should keep an eye on the upcoming media for promoting their brands. 
3.    Scope: Scope can be defined by Budget, where if a certain amount is allocated for the advertisement then it can be compared with the previous year budget. 
Brand Dimension
Brand Personality: The brand dimension of Ariel is a structure for showing a brand's profile and properties in five fundamental measurements, every one of which is separated into aset of perspectives. It is very easy to understand the model to show a brand's profile utilizing equality with people. (Bao & Sweeney, 2009)

The five primary measurements and their viewpoints for Ariel are: 
•    Honesty (down to earth, healthy, honest and cheerful)
•    Excitement (energetic,adventurous, imaginative and up-to-date) 
•    Competence (successful, reliable, intelligent) 
•    Complexity (brand attraction) 
•    Ruggedness (tough)

Brand Value: Ariel is a brand that is associated with P&G since a lot of years. The use of name Ariel is mainly meant to increase their sales. 
Brand Tone of Voice: By looking at the mission statement of Ariel “Helping Women in renewing their clothes” we can easily judge Brand Tone. Brand Voice: “Super-Cleaner”. 

USP (Proposition)
The Aerial's USP is that since a long time it has been on the market. It is additionally known as a detergent, which can also be utilized to remove the toughest stains. Ariel was the first detergent which introduced fragrance. In case of Advertising, Arielknows how to attract the emotions of women.

Ariel is very premium quality detergent which is made exclusively for premium segment customers. Although it doesn’t have a price advantage over other. The price of Ariel is higher than the other competitors. Also, the advertising strategy of Ariel is based on the emotion of women which acts as an advantage.

Positive Customer Response
Our advertising strategy is based on the requirement of customer and filled with emotions. Our aim is to attract customer by winning their emotion. Women power is a global talk now a day, and we will be giving a power to women in renewing their clots and keep them fresh. 

Negative Customer Response 
Our product advertisement is based on both premium and a general segment of the population. In the general segment, there isa various brand that will give us tough competition. Maybe this will be the major reason behind the Negative Customer Response. 

Media considerations
This is where we will be choosing efficient media mode for the company’s product such as print media, digital media andbroadcast media. We will be choosing all format of media for the advertisement so that most of the audience can be influenced by our advertisement. (Wendel & Dellaert, 2005)
In Print Media: We will choose daily journals and magazines. Print media is said to have the highest reach amongst all the media format. 
In Digital Media: We will choose social media and YouTube advertising. 
In Broadcast Media: We will be using television. 

Media Planning: 
We will be using the best combination of media for the promotion of the product. The main objective of our media planning will be to choose the best medium to convey our message to our target customers. Out media plan will be divided into four stages: media strategy development, market analysis, the establishment of media objectives and implementation-evaluation-followup. 
Our media planning will be consisting of following steps: 
1.    Targeting
2.    Analysis of audience
3.    Environment or geographical scan
4.    Control
5.    Determination of content. 

Tools that we will be using for the media planning are: Alexa, MOAT andDataXu
Mandatory inclusions
Out advertisement will be under IAB Australia and ACCC Australia. IAB here stands for Interactive Advertising Bureau and ACCC here stand for Australian Competition andConsumer Commission. Our advertisement will be following all the rules given under adverting code compliance and these will no promotion of illegal substances. There will no misleading advertisement that will affect anyone’s health. 

Advertising budget will be the part of P&G overall marketing budget. Total $ 35000 is allotted in the advertising budget. Our advertising budget is divided into following budget allocation: 
Our proposal will be dated15th August 2018 and we will be after sending the proposal it will take around 2-3 days to approve it. So, we will mark proposal approval date on 19th August 2018. After the approval of the proposal, it will take around a week to develop full content for the advertisement. So, the deadline for creative approval we will mark on 27th August 2018. After the creative approval and content making production team will take 10-15 day to complete the advertisement, so we will mark production deadline on 11th of September. After the QA and review of Advertisement, we will launch your brand-new advertisement within 3 days. So, the campaign deadline is marked on 14th of September. 


Bao, J. Y., & Sweeney, J. C. (2009). Comparing Factor Analytical and Circumplex Models of Brand Personality in Brand Positioning. Psychology & Marketing, 26(10), 927-949. Retrieved 4 13, 2018, from http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/mar.20306/abstract
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Goi, C. L. (2009). A Review of Marketing Mix: 4Ps or More? International Journal of Marketing Studies, 1(1), 2-15. Retrieved 4 13, 2018, from http://ccsenet.org/journal/index.php/ijms/article/view/97
Wendel, S., & Dellaert, B. G. (2005). Situation Variation in Consumers' Media Channel Consideration. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 33(4), 575-584. Retrieved 4 13, 2018, from https://link.springer.com/article/10.1177/0092070305277447


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