Mental Health Issue Require Special Care and Support

Write a 1000 words paper outlining how to:
•  establish respectful relationships with people with mental health issues
•  determoine the needs of people with mental health isssues
•  work with people with mental health issues to meet aspirations and needs


People with mental health issue require special care and support. This is because, if they will not get the same at that time their condition will become worst. Herein, this study will specify the role of mental health service provider in today’s society. In this regard, this study will depict way through which effective services can be given to these people.


Way to establish a relationship with the people who have a mental health issue 
•    Use low toned voice: An individual who is dealing with mental health patients should always use low toned and friendly voice while communicating with them. This is because, if a healthcare personnel will use loud voice at that time there are chances that these people will get scared and as a result of it healthcare individual cannot build an effectual relationship with them (Watkins and, 2017).
•    Should use friendly approach: Here, before starting treatment of mental health patient, it is required by healthcare personnel that it should gather all the personal information about it. For example, what he likes and dislike etc. Here, on the basis of the thing which is liked by patient healthcare personnel should start communication with them. Here, it is by complying with given type of activity only they can build a respectful relationship with them.
Identifying the needs of people who have a mental health issue
•    Supportive social environment: It is being regarded as the first and most important need of people who have a mental health issue. Herein, it is examined that people with mental health issue always require significant support from his/her family. This is because; the given thing will help them to get cure from the diseases in a faster way. In addition to this, with the support of friends, these people can easily cure themselves of that particular problem which has made their condition like that. 
•    Force them to communicate as much as with healthcare provider: Depression, anxiety and panic attack are some signs of mental health problem. This occurs when an individual will hide something from other or do not like to share his/her personal things with other. Thus, in the given circumstance they need the support from that individual to whom he/she can share the feelings. In addition to this, with the help of sharing these people can relieve themselves from a very big burden. Thus, the given thing will ultimately improve the condition of an individual in an effectual manner.

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Ways to work with the people having a mental health issue
•    Showcasing empathy: It is not easy to work with the people who are going through a mental health issue. This is because these people might throw things and can hurt healthcare individual. Thus, with an aim to work with them healthcare individual will have to showcase them empathy. It is a state in which healthcare individual will put himself in the position of patients. Further, the given thing is communicated by him to the patients also. Here, through this way a cordial relationship can be build up. As a result of it, a significant improvement in the condition of patients will be carried out in an effectual manner.
•    Treat these people with the calm mind: When treating these people, healthcare individual should calm their mind. This is because; dealing or working with such type of patients is not an easy task as it demands lots of patience. This is because in case if healthcare individual will become impatient and as a result of it he will shout on patients then result of such situation will be very worst. Furthermore, through this way needs and demands of the patients cannot be fulfilled in an effectual manner (Fornells?Ambrojo and, 2017).
Why is it necessary to consider own personal values when dealing with mental health patients?
When dealing with patients with mental illness it is required by healthcare individual that it should give consideration to own personal value and attitude when planning and implement work activities. This is because given thing will motivate healthcare workers with regard to give its best performance to the patients. For example, some healthcare personnel has a personal value that it likes to make a balance between his work and family life. Thus, the given thing should be accommodated in his work activities. In this regard, it is the responsibility of healthcare firm that it should set the work time of respective individual in such a manner that significant support can be provided to the respective value of workers. Here, the given thing will help in enhancing satisfaction level of workers and as a result of it he will give his best services to the patients in an effectual manner.
Promoting focus on the recovery model  
If a healthcare firm wants to deliver high-quality services to the mental health patients then in the given situation recovery model tends to play a very significant role. This is because respective model consists of the systematic process with the help of which patients with the mental health problem will be cured in an effective manner. This model possesses well-organized system which involves support from family, friends and professional etc. Here, the given thing will assist patients with mental health with regard to get recover from their condition in an effectual manner (Østergaard, Nordentoft & Hjorthøj, 2017). 
Understanding cultural and spiritual difference
For an individual, it is essential that it should give consideration to cultural as well as the spiritual difference of its patients. This is because; each patient has their own cultural values as well as needs. Thus, if healthcare firm will transform their services accordingly then in the given circumstances healthcare individual can give best services to the people will mental health issue. Further, the given thing will also assist patients with regard to get fast recovery from the diseases in an effectual manner.


From the above report, it can be concluded that with an aim to work with the people of mental health problem, healthcare personnel will have to comply with a different type of tools and techniques. This is because; the given thing will assist them in giving best services to the patients in an effectual manner. 


Fornells?Ambrojo, M. and (2017). Experiences of outcome monitoring in service users with psychosis: Findings from an Improving Access to Psychological Therapies for people with Severe Mental Illness (iapt?smi) demonstration site. British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 56(3), 253-272.
Østergaard, M. L., Nordentoft, M., & Hjorthøj, C. (2017). Associations between substance use disorders and suicide or suicide attempts in people with mental illness: a Danish nation?wide, prospective, register?based study of patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, unipolar depression or personality disorder. Addiction, 112(7), 1250-1259.
Watkins, M. and (2017). SA132. What’s in a Name? Preferences Regarding Language for Physical and Mental Illness Among People With and Without Mental Health Diagnoses. Schizophrenia bulletin, 43(Suppl 1), S159.

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