Marketing Fundamentals Analysis

Question: Write about marketing fundamentals.


1 During the analysis, I found all the information from the different sources such as books and various publication, journals and annual report of Armour Company.
The things which went well during analysis is that I didn't found any biased information. And well analysis is done.
2 The challenges which I encounter during the process is to obtain true and relevant information about the industry analyses and how to produce the best solution ineffective and convincing manner.
3 If I will be asked to do this analysis again so next time I will prefer to focus more on primary data to do analysis as it will yield more accurate and relevant information and through this I can put the finding in much convincing manner, and through this I will be more able to get the deep insight of the matter.
4 I will try to implement my learning and experience which I gain through partially applying it to the next process. As I will produce the best conclusion of my acquired knowledge and skills. So that other may get a deep insight of my experience and knowledge. 
5 Think, Analyze, and Put into action.
Second part 
1 The skills which my group utilize in making the project draft are coordination, cooperation, knowledge sharing. Helping each other in analyzing the situation and process in a different manner. Critical thinking and raising numerous question with each other in a way to get the real insight on the topic and situation.
2 Working in team leads to having many advantages such as shared ideas and it increased the efficiency, multiple minds provide multiple solutions to the same problem. Working in team or group will enable to build the skills of a leader. It will also create the healthy completion among the group member as well as to another group also. The drawback of working in teams which I recognized is that sometimes all the group member are not putting their effort equally and due to this inherent conflict may arise in the group which will hamper the overall team performance. 
3 The leadership skill which I practiced in making this project is I proved myself as more disciplined and I keep on learning as it is the best path to become the true leader it keeps mind sharp and active at all the time. I found myself as an extrovert person and very agreeable in nature which results in minimizing the conflict among the member. I noticed that I have the quality of openness that able to hear the views of other and implementing it if its suites.
4 Three action which I will take to improve my undergraduate competency that is collaboration across networks is I will make one common goal, create the platform for sharing of knowledge, and building consensus in a way to get the best result.

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