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Find out a digital marketing plan sample for a company


The digital marketing plan is the practice of using various types of digital means for the purpose to perform the marketing of goods and services. Herein, it can be said that Marshfield Bakery should use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as its social media marketing medium. Thus, a firm should make an effort in terms of making updates on the given platform regularly.  This thing will have a positive effect on the overall sales as well as profitability-related conditions of the firm.


Digital marketing is the type of marketing in which different digital mediums for the purpose to perform the marketing of goods and services offered by a firm. In the given report, a digital marketing plan for Marshfield Bakery will be prepared (Fenton, Fletcher, and Griffiths, 2019). It is a UK-based firm that manufactures handmade bars, snacks, and biscuits, etc. At present, the firm is using means like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter for the promotion of its product. This report will state the ways with the help of which Marshfield Bakery could use these means more efficiently. 


The situational analysis is mainly defined as the analysis with regards to the internal along with the external factors of a business. Furthermore, it also clearly defines a business’s consumers, capabilities, business environment as well as potential consumers, and their impact on the firm. Throwing light on the above-mentioned discussion it can be said that using situational analysis the managers of an organization tend to analyze the external and internal environment for understanding the business environment and the consumers.

2.1 Competitor analysis

Based on the conducted analysis, it is assessed that Marshfield Bakery has the competition from The Handmade Baker that manufacture fresh and handmade cakes and other related bakery items for its buyers. The respective firm is using mediums like TV commercials and social media websites for the promotion of its product (Rohm, Stefl, and Saint Clair, 2019). 

From the above figure, it can be said that Facebook and Youtube are being regarded as the top social networking sites that are being used by worldwide people. Thus, it is through these mediums only Marshfield Bakery and its competitor is trying to grab the attention of its respective buyers (Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick, 2019).

2.2 5S and goal performance




Marshfield Bakery sells its product through both online and offline means. For the online means, it uses its own website. This gives an opportunity to the firm’s customers to get delivery of the product at their home. 


Marshfield Bakery adds value to its customers by giving them timely information about the new products that is being manufactured by it. For this purpose, it uses the means like Facebook and YouTube, etc 


By using Facebook and Twitter etc, Marshfield Bakery performs two-way conversation. Here, based on the likes and dislikes of the customers, the firm makes decisions about the product that it should keep on its menu. Moreover, the given medium also help in giving information about tastes and preference of customers (Felix, Rauschnabel and Hinsch, 2017). 


For this purpose also, Marshfield Bakery takes help from Facebook and from the respective medium only firm resolved different types of queries. This helps in saving printing and another related cost. 


Marshfield Bakery keeps updating information about its activity and product on social media websites. It is through this way only the firm is building its community on the online platform. 


2.3 Trend and insight

As per the 2017 study on the UK population, it is examined that food delivery apps are being regarded as one of the most popular mediums for food order for the people who come under the age category of 19 to 29 years. Thus, this thing indicates that online mediums are more popular among young customers. Thus, with the help of social media websites, Marshfield Bakery could target these buyers (How do you order your food when using a food delivery service?*, 2020). 

2.4 SWOT analysis



  • It is known for handmade and high quality bakery items
  • Possess team of skilled employees. 
  • Very less number of followers in Twitter and other social accounts.
  • Takes huge time in posting content on the social networking site



  • To introduce new product
  • To expand operation in new market 
  • From the competitors new policy and strategy 
  • From changing tastes and preferences of customers 



3.1 Long term objective

Marshfield Bakery has the mission to maintain the satisfaction of its customers by giving them high-quality products. 

3.2 Short term objective 

  • To increase the number of likes as well as followers in Marshfield Bakery’s website by 10% until 2021.
  • To further enhance the effectiveness of Marshfield Bakery's online presence by using the mediums like Instagram. 


4.1 Segmentation

The main aim here is to attract customers with the help of digital mediums. Quinton and Simkin (2017) have identified in their study that people who come under the age category of 19 to 29 years are very much active on the online platform. Thus, the customer of Marshfield Bakery will be segmented based on their age. Moreover, efforts will be taken by the firm in terms of targeting these customers towards the company by using digital marketing communication means.   

4.2 Targeting

For the targeting purpose, an undifferentiated targeting strategy will be taken into consideration. This means that the same type of message will be communicated by the manager of Marshfield Bakery on its all-digital communication platform. It is an effective tactic because the use of different types of promotional messages from the side of the firm will tend to create confusion in the mind of the firm’s buyers. As a result of this, the effort of Marshfield Bakery could have deviated from its short-term goals that are mentioned above (Dinis, Breda, and Barreiro, 2020). 

4.3 Positioning

It is being regarded as the practice of creating a unique image in the eyes of the firm’s buyers. Following the context, it can be said that Marshfield Bakery can position its product through its quality as well as handmade feature. It has been seen that at present customers give more preference to fresh and organic food products. Thus, it is required by Marshfield Bakery that it should communicate the given thing on its digital platform. This needs to be done for maintaining the satisfaction of a firm’s customers. It is by complying with a given type of activity only Marshfield Bakery can position its product in the mind of its respective buyers (Kingsnorth, 2019). 

4.4 Online value proposition 

For the given purpose, the main objectives are to give a reply to the customer message on the company’s website within 15 minutes and another objective will be to make updates on social media regularly. In this context, Childers, Haley, and McMillan (2018) have stated that online means are effective as it helps in giving information about specific needs and demands of buyers. Based on the given information, Marshfield Bakery can make changes in its product. 

4.5 Sequence, integration, segmentation, and targeting 

  • Sequence: Developing trust through giving a review about a product, offer reviews of other customers who have used the product, and finally receive orders from customers. 
  • Integration: Give a call to buyers after delivering the product and take a review from them (Patrutiu-Baltes, 2016). 
  • Segments and targets: Post 3 posts in a week on Facebook and post 2 posts in a week on Instagram and Twitter.  


5.1 Marketing mix

  • Product: Marshfield Bakery should make sure that it should enhance the experience of its buyers through the use of online means. This can be done by giving detailed information about each manufactured product. This would help in attracting customers to the company. 
  • Price: It is important for Marshfield Bakery that the price that is being promised by the firm on its online platform should match with the physical store. If a given thing will not happen then the overall satisfaction of the firm’s customers will be impacted. 
  • Place: Marshfield Bakery should make effort in terms of improving the performance of its online website and it should be made in such a manner that customer does not find any kind of difficulty in searching the product (Kannan, 2017). 
  • Promotion: Marshfield Bakery should use online means for performing the promotion of its product. For this purpose, means such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter should be taken into consideration. Herein, it can be said that at the present firm is using these means but it needs to enhance the effectiveness further. 
  • People: Marshfield Bakery should have the ability to deal with the query of customers online. If this will not happen the overall satisfaction of buyers will be impacted. 
  • Process: Marshfield Bakery gets an order from a buyer, the order will be sent to the logistic and sales department and the final product will be delivered to customer homes. 
  • Physical evidence: The firm should make the page of its online website attractive. This is because the given thing plays an important role in attracting buyers (Mooney and Slobodian, 2016).  


5.2 Long term content plan

Type of campaign 


Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4

National marketing

Campaign on Instagram and Twitter

Appeal to the young people will be done 

Planning will be done


Execution of planning will be done 


Local marketing

Campaign on Facebook 


Appeal to both young and old people will be done 

Planning will be done

Execution of planning will be done



Social media

You tube 


Weekly post

Weekly post

Planning and execution will be done simultaneously 

Planning and execution will be done simultaneously

Planning and execution will be done simultaneously

Planning and execution will be done simultaneously



To fulfill the different digital marketing goals, several actions need to be taken by the company. At first, it is recommended to the marketing manager of Marshfield Bakery that it should make an effort in terms of giving training to its marketing team regarding how they should post content over the social media website (Todor, 2016). This is because the online marketing selection of effective marketing content tends to play an effective role. Thus, it is important for the organization that it should frame its marketing content in such a manner that it will influence the firm’s customers to visit the website of the company. Thus, it is the reason for training for the marketing team of Marshfield Bakery is very much essential. It is through this way only goals and objectives that are being framed by the firm will be met effectively and efficiently.    


According to the opinion of Stephen (2016), it is important for the firm that it should use different KPIs for the different social media tools that are being used by it. It is through this way only the effectiveness of the different mediums can be examined. For example, the number of followers increased in the Instagram and Twitter page is being regarded as one of the criteria with the help of which effectiveness of the social media website can be measures. On the other hand, it is through this way only, Marshfield Bakery can get the idea that whether it is going on in the correct direction or not. Apart from this, it can also be entailed that the effectiveness of Facebook can be assessed from the number of positive comments as well as likes that are being received by the company over its page. This thing will give a clear indication that whether Marshfield Bakery is working towards the tactical goal or not. Thus, it can be said that these are some ways with the help of which the social media platforms that are being used by the company can be controlled (De Pelsmacker, Van Tilburg, and Holthof, 2018).  


It can be concluded from the conducted analysis that managing the marketing practices over the online media is not an easy task. This is because such a type of activity requires proper and effective planning. Thus, it can also be stated that Marshfield Bakery should make an effort in terms of using mediums like Facebook and Instagram effectively. This is because it has been seen that the huge presence of Marshfield Bakery’s targeted customers is seen in the given platform only. Here, by targeting these mediums, the company can make significant improvements in its sales and profitability condition. Moreover, it is through this way only the short and long-term goals of a firm can be met.