Marketing communication strategy


Write two page summary on marketing communication strategy.



The entire project will revolve around the central theme of marketing communication strategy. It will be further divided into the main idea behind it and the implementation plan. Generally, the marketing communication strategy is one of the main components that are used by a company for their promotional purpose. It is an effective strategy that is used by a company for reaching out their potential consumers and target market. 


Marketing objectives and business content 

The goal of this marketing campaign will be to expanding the local search influence in an effective manner. It has been witnessed people always search a company by using local and specific keywords so Maven will build a foundation for their presence with regards to the local search results by using a large variety of methods which will include the local review sites, local listings, and also local social media. There will be 20 group members of Maven who will deliver this marketing program. 

Communication objectives

The overall communication goals for this specific campaign are to motivate the potential consumers to buy the product and it will be normally done by the method of persuasive advertising. Additionally, another main communication objective of this campaign is to increase the brand awareness. 

The competition

    The top competitors of the Gm’s Maven are Toyota Motor Corp, Volkswagen, Honda Motors Co, Nissan Motor Co Ltd and Ford Motor Co. The analysis is based on seeing their market capital, popularity, and Net Income per year. 

Target audience and positioning

The millennial is greatly influenced by the world developing around them and also by the culture. The millennial cohort that will represent the target market of Maven is the generation x who is the bunch of people born between the 1980s-1900s. The researchers and the demographers use the 1980’s as the birth year and the mid-1900s and also the 2000s as the ending of the birth years (Armstrong and et al, 2015). Maven wants their potential consumers should think that they deliver the best product in the marketplace in an affordable price range when compared with other companies. They will differentiate Maven from other brands on the basis of creativity, innovation and product quality.

Creative strategy 

The marketing campaign of the company will create a big idea and there will be a series of executions for bringing life to the paid advertising and additional content will be created for the company with regards to the brand. The customers will respond and share their specific interpretations which will create earned media for the company. There are no such barriers to the belief. People will believe the promises and claims by the company because it has been one of the most reliable and a trusted company in the world and also the brand is quite transparent, unlike their competitors.

Creative execution 

The go-to-market strategy will be implemented when the product is brought in front of the consumers. It will include specific targeting plan for the main influencers and the decision-makers and the important channels to reach the consumers.

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Media strategy

The message will be delivered by advertising using various media channels. One of the main goals of the marketing campaign will be increasing the experience of a brand by 25% (Bruwer, Saliba and Miller, 2011). The media strategy will be identifying the target market. The media tactics will be using the display advertising that will contain the rich media, banner ads which will appear in a lot of sites. The media budget will be around $40,000 if the money is well spent then in return it will build the business of the company.


The above-mentioned study highlighted the techniques and strategies that will be used by Maven for their product marketing. 


Armstrong, G., Kotler, P., Harker, M., and Brennan, R. (2015). Marketing: an introduction. New York: Pearson Education.
Bruwer, J., Saliba, A., and Miller, B. (2011). Consumer behaviour and sensory preference differences: implications for wine product marketing. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 28(1), 5-18.

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