Managing Business Process


Managing Business Process 


The planning, organizing, production management, designing, redesigning, production and  controlling are the process which are identified as the areas of growth and development.  Apart  from these elements, innovation is identified as the major catalyst which is helpful in providing assistance to the operations management. For discussing the report, the Tesco is selected as the major organization. To develop the aspects of innovation in the process of operation management, some specific criterias are also required. The report showing below mainly divided into parts.
The first part is helpful in defining the common literature related to innovation in contrast to operations management. The second part is related to the primary research of the operation management, which is performed by pursuing the suitable operations in an appropriate direction.

Identification of Common Literature

The operational aspects are identified as the backbone of any organization. The functions performed by the operations are identified as one of the common aspect for processing of the business functions. There are various articles and journals identified for the research perspectives which are shown below to highlight the operational innovation of the Tesco.
The framing of operational management identified and observed on the large scale. Various changing aspects are also defined  to explain the operational management. According to one of the articles where the innovation portrays both positive and negative impact on operations defined under the regime of operations management. The planning, organizing, manufacturing and  management of inventory can be identified in an innovative way to maximize the profit.  The Tesco is capable in providing proper assistance in contrast to all the mentioned areas. The allocation flexibility, changes in major aspects related to the working scenario, transformation in marketing schemes and the generation of the multivariant changes in  particular output are identified as some of the changes which are observed due to the introduction of the suitable innovation in Tesco. (Hammer, 2014). 
The integrated approach of the innovation with operational perspective will be helpful in providing the suitable assistance to the growth and development of the Tesco. The operational innovation is full of new approaches and innovative ways to perform the task. The development of the products, completion of the orders related to products, management of the customer services and performing suitable enterprise solution is identified as major aspects related to the changes in the transformation management. This transformation management will be helpful in providing an appropriate assistance in all the possible ways and by this, growth can also be mentioned in Tesco.
The changes in business perspectives and innovation in providing the output are also identified as some of the major transformations which are observed due to the operational changes.   Aaort from Tesco the changes are also visible through various evidences as well, which are observed in other orgnaiztaions, such as WalMart, Dell, Toyota, Benz and various organizations related to the telecommunications. All these organizations are showing the remarkable performance after adapting the new form of operational strategies. The statistics show that the Walmart experiences a hike of about  44 million to 44 billion. Apart from this, the Dell and Toyota developed their specific identity as Toyota Production System and Dell  Business Model. The other organizations also bring the changes in human resource policies, cultural aspects and social assistance (Cranfield University, 2016)
As the operations management comprises of various sections and parts, so it becomes essential  for  Tesco to select the suitable and powerful weapons which are helpful in providing the assistance to the different aspects of operational management.  The powerful weapons identified for the further growth of Tesco are the strategic benefits (increment in shares, market management), Marketplace benefits (consumer satisfaction, appropriate analysis) and other aspects.
Various organizations observed changes in planning by completing the event, the production and manufacturing also increase with an alarming speed and the ratio of profit generation also increases in rapid form. The cultural and the organizational barriers are also removed with the help of the operational  reformation. Through the innovative perspectives, the positive aspects are being identified for any organization, but to find out its negative perspectives the critical discussion is essential to framed.

Primary Field Research

The discussion of the topic is mainly related to the first part, which is highlighting the innovation in operational management. In  the continuation to the first part, the second part is mainly helpful in conducting primary research for the specific operational topic executing in Tesco. For conducting the research, suitable  data will be collected primarily from different sources. The quantitative methods will  be helpful in providing the assistance by defining the questionnaire and drawing suitable graphs and charts related to it. The reason for selecting the quantitative methods for the discussion is that by this the most suitable output can be achieved on an initial level and the assumption on the basis of views can also be generated primarily. For improvement in particular operations the data will be collected from the Tesco internally, so that the improvement can be carried out in the suitable directions. For defining the primary research, the sample is also considered for discussion. The sample is considered of about 100 people. The different sets of questions are framed to define the actual scenario for the discussion.
According to the requirements of the scenario, one operation will be selected for the discussion. The operation which is identified here for discussion is named as product and services.  The reason for selecting this topic is in the report for discussion, is the remarkable effect of operational innovation in products and services domain.
The product and services can react both in the positive and negative manner while coordinating with the innovation operations in Tesco. The positive aspects of operations are that it can successfully capable in providing the most suitable assistance in a specific direction to develop the areas of growth. Apart from this, the product and services can successfully be able to manage the most constant development related standards which is not only helpful for the present aspects of the organization (i.e. Tesco), but helpful in securing the future perspectives as well. In reference to the Tesco, the broad criteria for the innovative options will be developed with proper product and services. (Nitisha, 2016).
Similar to the positive aspects, some negative aspects are also identified for the products and service related innovation. In presence of the negative aspects, the adaptation and execution of the process in cannot be maintained properly in a suitable flow. It becomes hard to accept the changes and due to this, the equilibrium between the old activities and new activities cannot be maintained. In this scenario, the suitable ground for new activities should be provided for easy execution.
The innovative activities will be helpful in bringing the great transformation in the criteria of services provided to the customers and organizations as well. The proper impact on the operational activities are identified below with the specific points.
The operational activities are improved in a rapid manner, which will be further helpful in improving the organizational perspectives of  Tesco.
With the contribution of innovation in operation, the most basic aspect which is generated is related to the planning and budgeting. This can be pursued by most appropriate innovation introduced in the operations sections of  the Tesco.
With an influence of innovation in products and services, the operational aspects can be performed in a proper manner and the chain of demand and supply can also get strengthened. (Gunday, Ulusoy, Kilic, & Alpkan, 2012). 
The other hidden  requirement is also fulfilled with the help of operational innovation in the process related to the product and services.
The suitable questionnaire and their specific answers are defined below on the basis of assumptions defined in the suitable form.


Interviewer: In framing the speed, quality, operations, dependability and processing of the organization in a suitable manner, what aret the major operations followed by Tesco?
Interviwee:  The major operations which are identified in the organizations are planning, manufacturing, services, production, management and other aspects which are followed by the organization on an international as well as global level to identify the suitable developmental perspectives (Ziamou, 1999).
Interviewer: What are the major performance objectives of the organization and what are the major indicators for them?
Interviwee: The major performance objectives are improvement in the existing aspects of the organization. It is essential to plan specific aspects to reach the target. The performance indicators are identified as the market shares & price, and the current market scenario by which the suitable analysis related to the market can be done.
Interviewer: What are the capacity plans and forecast demands for the  Tesco?
Interviwee: The capacity plan and forecasting demands for the Tesco are clear and accurate. With the help of these plans, the organization wants to grow in a well versed manner and also establishes to identity in a definite and structured form. The cutomer and organizational requirements can be anlyzed with the help of these plans (Clarke, 2013).
Interviewer: Which type of services are offered to the customers?
Interviewee: Tesco is identified as the multinational Grocery store which is mainly identified to provide suitable grocery on the international and local level. With the suitable assistance, the general merchandise services are also provided to the customers. With the improved operations, the chances of expansion are also framed.


The suitable report is successful in delivering the major criteria related to the operation management and its related innovations. The different operations will be helpful in providing the suitable assistance in a positive direction and also remove the negative aspects of the operational aspects. It is recommended to select the suitable operations to manage the positive operations. It is also recommended that the appropriate assistance for the selection of operations can also be provided.

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