Management Control Systems Design


Management control systems design within its organizational context: findings from contingency-based research and directions for the future artcle review.


An overview of the journal    

It has been a tradition to conduct a contingency based research in the study of management control systems. There have been examinations of many designs by the researchers who have tried to find the design that best suits the nature of environment, size, structure, strategy, technology and the national culture. The contingency based research has been popular and it has included these variables in it but it has redefined them in the contemporary terms. So, the reason for the current research is to compile the findings from these contingency based studies critically over the past 20 years so that a series of propositions can be derived that relate the MCS to the context of the organization. The objectives of the research are: to provide a review of empirical, contingency-based research, to critically evaluate this work, and consider a variety of theoretical foundations that may assist in developing future research. 

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The tests and findings of the research

The entire research is based on the secondary sources. The previous 20 years studies are reviewed and the findings are based on these contingency based studies. The work of other researchers has been used to come to a conclusion.
The findings show that the study of MCS has been approached by contingency-based research assuming that managers act with an intent to adapt their organizations to changes in contingencies in order to attain fit and enhanced performance. The literature has been successful in providing basis for the positions between elements of MCS and context that is generalized. 

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A critical assessment of how well the research met its aim(s) and established its findings

The literature that has been studied here has been successful in providing a basic framework and the potential strength of the method that provides a basis to persist with the research that is based on contingency. This has helped in uncovering the generalizable findings that have enhanced the desired outcomes of the organization. A detailed review of the empirical contingency-based research has been done. The work of the previous researchers has been critically evaluated and it shows that more attention needs to be paid to the contemporary dimensions of the MCS. The findings have been able to meet all the aims of the research and for the future, it has been recommended that this area should cover the other approaches as well that are related to economics and psychology. 

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