Manage Personal Work Priorities And Professional Development

Using a position description, you will set work goals and prioritise work goals. You will then develop two work plans to achieve two work goals. You are required to keep a journal containing your reflections on and explanation of the process of managing work priorities.

Job Description (Position Description)

As a marketing executive, the key bob entails understanding the requirements of the customers and preparing a budgeted plan to meet the organizational goals. 
These responsibilities can include:
•    Developing marketing campaigns
•    Conducting required research in the arena and well portray the results based on analysing data 
•    Knowing to Present ideas and strategies
•    Various dealers are giomotional activities
•    Compiling and distributing financial along with statistical information
•    Proofreading 
•    Maintaining websites 
•    Data Analysis
•    Reporting of crucial data to management

Work Plans

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Organizational Policies
The vacant positions basis the recruitment would need to be advertised 
The advertisements would entail the contract information along with the range of salary offered
The job description of the various positions would be sent to the candidates
Organizational Procedures
The values along with the beliefs of the organization stand to be crucial. The policy would address the concerns of all the stakeholders associated with the organization
Plans For Team & Personal Goal Setting
Plan for team entails having cordial relationship with peers and supporting coworkers for the need pertaining to the comprehension of process and other tasks forming part of the process. The goal setting involves that the growth of the organization has to proceed by taking into account the crucial aspects of performance and success. The goals are designed in a manner that they are measurable and can be achieved within the timeline.
Reasons for Goals Established
The reasons encompass having transparency of the objectives of the organization and having a clarity on the processes and the sub processes. The goals are also designed to have a direction towards the various objectives and the manner in which the personal attributes can be synchronized with the strategies that are adopted in the organization
The Value Of Personal And Team Goal-Setting In An Organisation
The value of personal goal is to well have the planning and the strategies in place to achieve the team objectives. The various tasks forming the process need to be streamlines with the basis of the principles that are to be adhered. The personal goal setting is more of a mindful approach
The team goal setting in the organization relates to the collaborative efforts that are expected from the team and the manner in which the team members can be motivated to strategically move and function towards the organizational goals.
The Manner in Which Kpis Will Be Used To Measure Goal-Related Performance
The objective pertaining to the KPI is to measure the values and well demonstrate the effective manner in which the company would be able to achieve the key business objectives. The utilization of the KPI by the organization is to bring about the key evaluation techniques in order to obtain the targeted success. 
Maintaining Performance Under Varying Conditions And Contingencies
Maintaining performance under contingencies and varying conditions is crucial. In times wherein the attrition case would lead to lesser resources working on the project, the performance would need to be still maintained with respect of timely delivery of services offered to client. The same can be well met by taking into account the strategies to work in a productive manner with the efforts contributed from other team members
Minimizing The Effect Of Personal Traits In Your Work Plans
The traits that would need to be minimized is related to me getting stressed with the immense work pressure. Working a way out by being part of the activities and the process in a relaxed manner and at the same time keeping a tab on the deadlines to be met would help. 
Process You Undertook To Prioritise Activities
In order to prioritise the process undertaken was to determine the level of impact a process or sub process would have on the business. With the targets to be aligned well with the strategies adopted, it would also stand to be crucial to determine the risk and return evaluation based on the analysis and then plan to work on activities in accordance
Competing Demands And How You Plan To Manage These To Achieve Goals
Competing demands pertain to adhering to the quality stands. Ensuring that the work is well managed and that there is greater emphasis on the scheduled tasks.
The Process Of Developing Your Plans To Manage Work Priorities
Process of development of plans in order to manage priorities is based on the actions undertaken basis the evaluation of the prioritization basis the requirement of the client. 
Ensuring You Serve As A Positive Role Model Through Work Planning And Organisation
Work plan serves as an example for me to serve as a positive role model by encompassing the needs of the clients well ascertained and trying to bring about efficient working style so that the morale of my own self and my team does not go low. 
Maintaining Appropriate Work–Life Balance, Manage Stress And Maintain Health
Maintaining the work balance is crucial. The same is ascertained with keeping a healthy lifestyle and giving preference to be in participative in the team activities. Also sharing good times with friends and family and at the same time keeping a tab of the priorities at work while at office does work. My health is well maintained with the regular exercise routine am part of. 

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