Integrated Marketing Communications

You have been hired by one of the below brands to be an independent marketing consultant to complete an integrated marketing communications plan.  Your first task is develop this plan with relation to a segmentation, targeting, differentiation and positioning strategy, as well as the brand’s marketing objectives. 
First, choose one of the following brands: 1) Thankyou - 2) Vinomofo - 3) Axil Coffee Roasters - 
Next, develop an integrated marketing communications plan in relation to a segmentation, targeting, differentiation and positioning strategy for that brand.  In doing so, you will need to: 1) Explore the brand’s positioning and differentiation 2) Detail the segments’ psychographic needs, wants, values 3) Choose a specific target market and justify that choice with relation to the brand’s positioning  4) Develop the brand’s marketing objectives.     



VinoMofo is a specialised online retailer that targets the niche market of wine lovers. The company has direct competitors with NWA because of the nature of the distribution channel. VinoMofo was established in 2011 in Australia and it has developed a huge customer base within a quick span of time. The company has more than 350,000 loyal customers and they are in steep competition with the other competitors in regards to price and quality.  The company offers 100% happiness and guarantee to the customers and also has the provision of sending samples to the customers. The customers are provided with the option of full replacement or cash back if they are not satisfied with the quality of the product. This marketing strategy is widely used by other companies in this industry and this helps the company to get loyal customers for a longer span of time (Vinomofo, 2018). 
VinoMofo has also endeavoured to provide better quality service and products to the customers and thus they have a better CRM system in the organisation. The company also has the provision of signing the loyalty program so that it becomes easier for the customers to make their desired purchases. On the other hand, it can be said that the founders of VinoMofo were known as Digital wine Guys and thus they have tried to embrace the different forms of innovation in the technological process. This has been done by lowering the barriers to entry and thus utilising the different forms of digital platform so that it becomes easier to distribute the product in a quick span of time. This is possible by lowering the barriers to entry of this industry and thus utilisation the digital platforms in the distribution of product in the market. Moreover, it can also be said that the idea of the organisation was to bring the like-minded people so that it becomes easier for them to share mutual love for wine according to the taste and the quality of the product. This is considered to be an effective strategy taken by the company and thus it has its online presence on social media and other digital media sites (Vinomofo, 2018). 

Positioning and Differentiation

The idea of this particular brand was first launched in Australia with the screen led strategy including cinema, TV and other social programmes. The brand is now used as a spearhead in different markets of New Zealand, UK, USA and Singapore. It can be said that the global campaign title “Decide” of VinoMofo has given the company a platform to disrupt into the Australian market and thus get it connected with the other new markets. It can be said that every brand must have a clear purpose so that it becomes easier for them to drive the product or service in the market. Similar is the case with VinoMofo. The company has become one of the largest wine retailer of Australia and this was because they have advertised the product in simple language so that it becomes easier to understand the language and thus people will purchase them accordingly. On the other hand, it can be said that the other competitors of VinoMofo such as Dan Murphy will find it difficult to copy their products. This will help the company to create high bargaining price for their products and thus offer attractive discounts to the customers (Vinomofo, 2018). 
It can be said that VinoMofo is of great quality with low price compared to its competitors and thus the customers prefers to purchase this product. Moreover, there are a large number of flavours available at an affordable rate and thus this will help the company to sustain in the long run. 

Market Segmentation and targeting

The purpose of this plan is to segment the market on the basis of demographic, behavioural and psychographic variables. The lifecycle segmentation is used to target the potential customers and thus this is affected in the early stages of the different potential customers who are involved in the buying process. The hierarchy of effects model is used in analysing the targeted model. The targeted audience for VinoMofo are the customers who are everyday wine drinkers aged between 26-40 years. These customers are considered to be price sensitive and thus they prefer to support the Australian wine makers. The targeted customers of the company are also those who has better knowledge of the market conditions and thus they are aware of the different brands and products of its competitors. VinoMofo has manufactured its product in such a way that the everybody can taste their products with an affordable price. 

Vinomofo has positioned themselves in the market by providing the best quality wine and thus offering loyalty programs to the customers so as to keep them attracted. The different strategies that is used by the company are provision of online vouchers to the customers so that it becomes easier to generate a conversation and thus acquire customers for a longer duration of time(Vinomofo, 2018). 

Marketing Objectives

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VinoMofo has tried to sell the products to the customers so that it will help in the generation of revenue and thus support different kinds of future activities. It can also enhance its brand awareness through different kinds of objectives such as altering the purchase intentions of the customers and thus generating a conversation. On the other hand, in order to improve brand awareness, it must also try to improve its target initiatives and thus facilitate the limited level of engagement. This is said to contribute for the development of different types of sales objectives and thus help in the long run growth of the organisation. The company will also undertake the strategies of creation of company’s value and thus reach a strategy that will help in focusing on the attention and thus improving the visibility process. The company can also adopt the reach strategy and thus improve the attention of the customers. 


Vinomofo.(2018). Retrieved 13 April 2018, from


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