Implications for IIRC and other Relevant Stakeholders

Write a critical review of your selected article covering following issues:
?    A brief description of the articles contents and how it relates to the area of Integrated Reporting. You should also discuss why the article is of interest to you as a student in Contemporary Financial and Integrated Reporting?  
?    The technical issues addressed within the article.  Thus should include issues such as the following: problem statement, methodology used, major findings and limitations of the study.
?    Your understanding and assessment of the impact of the article in terms of improved reporting and business decision making.  As part of your assessment you should address the implications for the IIRC and other relevant stakeholders. 
List of articles  (choose one only)
1.    Adams, C.A., Potter, B., Singh, P.J. and York, J. (2016) ‘Exploring the implications of integrated reporting for social investment (disclosures)’, The British Accounting Review, 48, pp. 283-296.
2.    Barth, M. E., Cahan, S. F., Chen, L., & Venter, E. R. (2017). The economic consequences associated with integrated report quality: capital market and real effects. Accounting, Organizations and Society, 62, 43-64.
3.    Beck, C., Dumay, J., & Frost, G. (2017). In pursuit of a ‘single source of truth’: from threatened legitimacy to integrated reporting. Journal of Business Ethics, 141(1), 191-205.
4.    Chaidali, P. P., & Jones, M. J. (2017). It’sa matter of trust: Exploring the perceptions of Integrated Reporting preparers. Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 48, 1-20.
5.    Feng, T., Cummings, L., and Tweedie, D. (2017). Exploring integrated thinking in integrated reporting–an exploratory study in Australia. Journal of Intellectual Capital, 18(2), 330-353.


A brief description of the article and its relation to integrated reporting

The evolution of corporate reporting on different social investment activities are highlighted in relation to integrated reporting approaches. In this paper, the conceptual and the content analysis have been highlighted and this is considered to be the most important topic in relation to the analysis of multi-national corporation. The theory of isopraxism, stewardship theory and isomorphism is vital and thus it provides explanatory power in finding out the similarities and the differences. The principle of international integrated reporting is considered to be voluntary and it is based on certain principles and framework. The concept of corporate reporting helps to understand how the selected companies try to report on different aspects of social investment. These investments can take different forms and thus it is carried out by the organisation in the perspective of economic return for the short term. It has been found that social investment is also carried out in different organisations and thus they provide proper reward to the customers where the activities are embedded in the organisation. On the other hand, the conventional GAAP approaches to different process of reporting and accounting will not help to portray the different kind of values that can be easily created by social investment. The organisations try to report different kind of social activities in the form of commentary and case studies. This organisation also does not have proper quantifiable data sets so that it becomes easier for them to lay better impact on the investments for the society as well as the community. It has been found that the paper has paid garter attention to stewardship theory and thus this can be considered as an important collective serving model that is driven by intrinsic values and thus it helps the individuals to do according to their choice, likes and dislikes. It is also necessary to understand the difference and the ways through which the ideas can be translated and adopted with the passage of time. On the other hand, the concepts of isomorphism and isopraxism are beneficial in understanding the interpretations of this framework and therefore it is considered as a vital tool in understanding the concept of integrated international reporting(Adams et al., 2016). 

The technical issues addressed in the article

Problem statement

The area of international integrated reporting focuses on the future value of the firms and this is considered to be narrative in terms of value creation. The concept of integrated reporting is considered to be the most important area of interests for the professionals of accounts but it has failed to address the research design issues and thus identify the approach and the agenda for future research in such cases. 


The qualitative case study methodology is used in the paper and the thematic content analysis is considered to be the most vital approach in carrying out the study. There were various aspects of narratives contents in the report and thus this has helped in carrying out the study in a better way. Proper emphasis has also been given to prominence and other aspects of integration and space allocation. The reports of two case companies such as Unilever and Heineken is analysed in the paper and the blueprint for corporate sustainability is also discussed accordingly. There were also discussion carried out on the nature of social investments and other aspects and thus this has helped in the other integrated approaches of reporting(Adams et al., 2016).  

Major findings

The integration process of text reports that was produced since 2011 is discussed in the paper. On the other hand, particular programme in relation to larger business models were also discussed and thus it has helped in analysing the value of social investments for the business organisations in such cases. There has also been significant transformation of the different processes and perspectives and thus it is considered to play a vital role for the success of the organisation in the long run. On the other hand, the perspectives of isopraxism have also been highlighted with reference to Heineken, GSK and NAB and thus this has helped in significant transformation of the study. The vital way of transformation of isopraxism has also been highlighted in relation of the context of international integrated approach. 


The idea of international integrated reporting is described in a complex way and there is lack of clarity and conviction. There was no such proper consensus and thus there is a greater risk associated with the corporate values of such type of investments. The framework must be fully tested and thus it will help the prospective to prepare the case studies in the best possible way. The framework must be designed in such a way that will need to sufficiently redesign the information of the stakeholders in the best possible way (Adams et al., 2016). 

Impact of the article in terms of improved reporting and business decision making

The paper has highlighted a clear linkage between sustainability and the long term performance of the organization along with better future perspectives and direction in the organisation. This can be followed by greater risks and different level of investment that will affect the business model in the long run.The organisations must also undertake social investments that is necessary to be rewarded by the employees, customers and thus this will be embedded in the particular strategy. There are different companies that are trying to align with the core strategies of the particular business. The conventional GAAP approach will help in the reporting and the accounting process and thus they are suitable for different kind of investments (Adams et al., 2016). 

Implications for IIRC and other relevant stakeholders

The data are available for primary inputs and thus they are utilised by the reporting and the accounting stakeholders. The data are available through primary inputs and thus this helps in different kinds of activities and thus create value to the organisation. The integrated ways are considered to be relative for the organisation and thus it results in different kinds of variation in the extent and nature of change in the reporting process. 


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Adams, C. A., Potter, B., Singh, P. J., & York, J. (2016).Exploring the implications of integrated reporting for social investment (disclosures). The British Accounting Review, 48(3), 283-296.


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