Human-Computer Interaction

Question: Write about Human-Computer Interaction



The video was made to show the importance of Human Computer Interaction. In this report we will learn what is HCI and What are its used. This is the examination of how people used to interact with the digital devices or computers and to what degree the computers are not either developed or not developed for successful communication with people or human beings. An essential HCI factor is that different users make various mental models or assumption about their communication, and there are various methods for keeping and learning information and abilities (for an instance, "left-brained" and "Right Brain "individuals). (Rogers)
The main objective of Human-Computer Interaction is to improve user interaction with computers by improving computers to become more usable. Human-Computer Interaction has four interfaces of the user: 
1.    Command-line Interface: used to display the notifications while the user types the command and execute it and the computer executes it and return it back to the textual output. It is used in Scientific and Engineering Applications and Service Administration.  
2.    Menu-driven Interface: Here the users have a list to select. This type is used in ATMs, Video Recorder, Mobiles Phones, TV and MP3 Players. 
3.    Graphics User Interface: Here there is the use of windows and icons which can be selected with the help of mouse. 
4.    Natural Language Interface: Used in converting Language to text. 
In the video also we have seen how HCI has transformed the way we interact with out devices. 
HCI is a field of research that gives an outline and uses interactive aspects of a human with computer frameworks. Research is identified with the impact of the computer on the user in the society or association. Such components are affected by different subjects like intellectual brain research and research and plan. Along these lines, HCI has turned into a critical investigation region of computer science. 


Rogers, Y. (n.d.). HCI Theory: Classical, Modern, and Contemporary. Synthesis Lectures on Human-Centered Informatics, 5, 1–129. Retrieved 2 17, 2018, from



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