Executing and Closing Project Management

Executing and Closing Project Management

Explanation of the range of used control systems for cost, schedule, quality and scope. 

The cost control system is one of the most important for many projects but as the mentioned project sponsored by Emperor Palpatine was an Endeavour essential for the security of the empire the death star two projects did not have an acceptable cost control mechanisms. Military personnel of the galactic military oversaw the project so the process was controlled by standard military procedures. This maintained the same principle that drives the sponsor’s need, which was inclined towards better security over the incurred cost. Thus, the total estimated budget, which came from the tax was not disclosed. The evidence of any cost management procedure was also absent in the project.
The schedule control system that was employed was impossible from the start but due to the pressure from the management and sponsor, the project manager Jerjerrod was put under pressure from superiors to accept the superior timeline. While the new technologies like self-replicating construction droids were used to cut down on the construction time. As the process fell behind on the schedule putting pressure on the project teams by doubling their efforts was a wrong move. In this case, the control should have been additional resources as the cost was not an issue but the by putting pressure on the project teams the project was further delayed due to errors of the processing cores that would integral to the success of the project death start 2 (Anthopoulos et al., 2016).
Quality was maintained by the superiors procurement and logistics capabilities o the project manager where the different material was outsourced based on the quality requiring and the s the control of the logistics of the supplies of the project was managed with military precision. Proper scheduling and logistics was the cause behind in the project initial progress where the other components of the project made its failure inevitable. 
The scope management of the project was also flawed as the project while running on a rigorous timeline could have been delayed as the threat of invasion was minimal and the strength of the enemy did not require such force as the death star two could provide. Thus, the scope of the project undertaken was too huge and there was no chance of the project scope which would only eliminate the vulnerabilities of the death star 1 under minimal effort due to advanced technology. Therefore, the scope control was not employed in the projects, which lead to the Endeavour being too much a strain on the available resources based on the project schedule.

An analysis of the reasons that explain the cost and/or time overruns encountered during the project 

The key issues identified in the project are
  • The goal for the project was unrealistic as the impact of technological advancement in time and efficiency of the project was overestimated in this project.
  • The authority of the project manager was often overruled by higher management, which caused friction with sponsor and workforce.
  • The culture of fear and oppression cause communication gap as the workforce was reluctant to report the drawbacks, which led to time and quality issue.
  • The involvement of the sponsor in the final stages of the project had a negative impact on the outcome because of his lack of technical expertise.
  • Despite project budget being high, the workforce was given extra and often unrealistic milestones and workload that led to errors that delayed the project even more.
The different impacts of the issues in the different facets of the project management are evaluated below in detail.
Communication failure- the first cause of the failure that has been given in the project documentation is the cause of the friction between the customers and the project personnel, which was based on the unrealistic expectations of the sponsors and customers. This resulted in an overworked stressed workforce who made mistakes easily (Hughes et al., 2016). This was compounded by the communication error and fear of a culture that was used as a motivator by the higher management of Darth Vader. Thus, this resulted in the personnel unable to make the management aware of the different drawbacks which made the project failure more of a surprise when it was realized. 
This common error in the projects is common in many cases where the translation of the new technology into efficiency and construction time is misinterpreted and overestimated. The resultant schedule was too rigorous and unrealistic even with the new technology but the workforce was unable to communicate the concern with the management because of the restrictive culture and significant importance of the project (Saleh & Hu, 2016).
Personnel management- the personnel while put under military supervision were worked hard but the continuing civil war diverted the efforts of the sponsor and overseer, which lead to poor management of the workforce and the proper strategy formation for addressing mistakes that resulted in delay in the further project control (Hughes, Rana & Simintiras, 2017). The personnel were divided based on their political inclinations that were caused by the civil war of the empire and the resultant fallback was reflected in the project progress. The change in governance and war efforts taking precedence over other projects and causing project failure is one common reason and thus the failure in prioritizing the tasks was the most important mistake of the project management.
Stakeholder management -The stakeholder management is another aspect of the project failure that was important as the different personnel that were eligible for managing the project the person with most qualified was chosen but the rank of the person in the hierarchy of the management was not considered. Despite the qualifications in logistics he manager into undertaking tasks, which if given enough authority could be refused, often put under pressure by other management representatives. Thus, the pressure and organizational hierarchy could have been avoided if the person with greater authority could be handed the project manager position. In the last stages when the sponsor was involved in the project, management it was the last straw for the project as the sponsor dissatisfied with the project undertook the position even if he did not have any qualification for the position (Ikediashi, Ogunlana & Alotaibi, 2014). This could have been avoided with better stakeholder management and the motivation of the project manager was also affected by the organizational culture and pressure as he himself did not feel appreciated that made him uncaring of the quality and concentrate on the deadline that led to the ultimate failure.


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