Essay on the movie pray.


Write an essay on the movie pray.

1.    Before this existing world now, there was a world before also and this is the belief of Lakota according to him he believed that the people who are living in that world or earth did wrong to their Gods and due to this Gods destroyed them as punishment with the flood except for Kangni, a crow. After this God sent four more animals in succession from his pipe animals or vibrating animals that can live a long under water. Among all only turtle managed to get escape from the flood with mud in its hands. The mud was open out to create the land, and rivers as the tears of the Gods .after this God took the remaining animals from the pipe and placed them on the earth. Among red, white, black, yellow God created people and given them right to live by. They were informed in advance for not singing live their previous occupants of the earth or land. 

According to Hopi, He believed that people came from a big hole form the crust of the as they came from the hole they were socially allocated in the various tribe and named by mockingbirds as the entrance to earth.As the sun is absent, so people came all together and built the sun, the moon the stars. And the other genre of the Hopi origin story was that people were destroyed by a tremendous flood. They were retrieved or saved by the ant was the commitment by the ant people that they will save the people from flood and store food for contingency. However, the flood went on rather too long, and they ran out of rations. In spit ant, people kept their word, and when a flood occurs, and it was over, the human came back to earth through a hole in the ground.

The origination of the Wintu is from the three brothers. They use to save each other despite their conflicts with the tribe. There was no daylight and darkness in the beginning as they had been stolen.Keriha challenges Habit the salmon-eating wasp that is socially winged of insect that had apparently stolen them into a duel. In the end, the wasp also abducts Keriha and his brother. Finally, they realized that to save the sun they have to climb the sky. 


It is for sure obvious that all the three tribes hold rather dearly the importance of nature in their origin. As nature play a vital role in the existence of the human beings. Besides this, all appreciate the existence of the supreme power that has a power to destroy and crush and create human beings. 
2.     It was quite apparent that the American Native holds great respect for land and religion and from their language it can be observed that they don't seem to put a distinction between nature and the superpower. They use to associate supernatural with the occurrence in nature itself. As land holds the nature thus, it holds the important aspect of the debate about religion and land. At the origin of the stories of the native tribes, it was quite clear that the land holds a bearing with all the religion among them.So this fact tells that the particular area holds a deep respect for its religion and land. Thus Native American adopt freedom of religion and worship to protect their land and religion. 

Although the Euro Americans consider that it is the right of Native Americans to have these lands the land it public, so we also have right to use the land and get benefited. They consider land as one of the important economic resources which should not tie to the tribes. It also depicts that the Euro Americans know the values of the land perceived by the Indian Americans.  

3.     It has been argued by Vine Deloria that the Indian-Americans give more value to the earth than the Euro-Americans. According to the Euro-Americans, the land should be used to fulfill our needs. The religion of the Native Americans also gives more values to the earth. The earth and nature have got a center point in their religion, and the Native Americans also show their beliefs to save the earth. But the Euro-Americans do not think that we should protect the land, but they are against the beliefs of the Indian-Americans.  

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4.     I was surprised by many of the stories of the film such as stories regarding the natives, their religion, and beliefs. The other thing which again surprised me which is, people of different origin and places do not have same values regarding the same thing. The Natives Americans see the land from religion perspective while the Euro-Americans see the land from an economic perspective. The former one wants to save the land and protect it while the later one wants to get benefited and exploit the land. 

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