E-Technologies in Modern Organisational

Write a 2000-word essay on the following topics:
How e-technologies have changed modern organisational business operations and how suppliers of such technologies have sought to overcome the threats and risks associated with these technologies.


In this assignment impact of the e-technologies have been disused in regards to business operation changes. How emergence of the e- technologies have changed the overall organizational business operation. And how all the suppliers of the e- technologies are taking a step to overcome the threats and risk associated with the e- technologies have been mentioned in this assignment.

How e-technologies have changed the modern organizational business operations

It is the need of the hour to change the traditional way of doing the business. Due to advancement and improvement in technologies, many organizations are changing the manner of their business operation. The organization needs to change their traditional way of business operation in a way to stay in the market for the longer period of time. If an organization is not responding to globalization and is not adopting the improved technology in its daily business operation then it will hamper the overall growth of the organization. 
In order to stay in a globalized economy and to compete with the stiff competition, an organization needs to change its business model and operation as per the demanding situation of the business economy (Chatzoglou et al., 2016).
E-technologies have changed the modern organizational business operation in many ways such as due to e-technologies now the modern organization uses to hire and recruit the candidate online (Clark et al., 2016). Due to improved technologies, it is now possible to screen the candidate through Google and other social media. Various other tools have been introduced by the technology company which pushed the organization to change the business operation such as ERP, MIS, and other relevant technological tools.
In supply chain management e-technologies have shown significant role as it leads to having better supply chain management (Zhou et al., 2018). Which result in low-cost inventory management. Through e-technologies it is now possible to have effective supply chain process which enables the organization to make sure that their product is been placed and delivered to their potential customer on time.
Through e-technologies now an organization or supply chain manager can keep the eagle eye over the distribution channel to ensure that their offering is been delivered to their potential customer on before the stipulated period of time or not.
E-technologies enable the organization to take the decision regarding planning the resources of the organization by using the enterprise resource planning tool or software. ERP software has been used by most of the organization in order to handle various activities of the organization such as planning, sales, purchasing, inventory, marketing and human resources. ERP has been used by the organization as a way to integrate the important element of the business operation. ERP leads the organization to save their crucial time for taking a strategic decision (Lychettira et al., 2017). 
Through ERP many organizations are now able to integrate the various function of the organization which is very important such as ERP enable to integrate the human resources management, finance, marketing, and even operation department. So this integration leads the organization to perform in an effective manner and more smoothly (Lau et al., 2016). Due to e-technologies now a customer and the general public has also assessed to order the product online and now they are more keen towards the quality of the product. Due to a vast network of the internet organization is forced to build a good brand image on the social media platform as the good brand image will lead to increase the total sales of an organization. It will also lead to making the customer more loyal. So due to technological advancement organization are trying hard to build the brand image on the social media as well.
Organization have changed their way and introduced the online platform to communicate with their potential and prospect customer. Which traditionally organization doesn't follow. But due increasing and improvement in technology organization is now forced to change its operation and adopt the online platform also in order to keep touch with their potential customer (Kloviene et al., 2015) 
Traditionally organization uses to hire the candidate and screen the candidate manually which was time taken, but due to advancement in technologies now the operational process of HR professional in an organization has been changed as now they are using various software to screen the candidature within less time (Bennett et al., 2017). Online application system enables the organization to handle and to select the best talent from the pool of the talent into the organization.
Now global exposure is possible through e-technologies as internet enables the organization to have the global exposure. Everything is within the reach due to the internet.   
Like many changes in the modern organizational operational process, the organization has changed its way of communication process also due to e-technologies improvement and introduction of the technology that is computer communication technology. Now organization uses to conduct the aftersales customer satisfaction online which was not previously possible for the organization due to lack of technological resources. Now the computer is playing the pivotal role in the organizational communication process.

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Changes in various business operation 
1.    Human resources- Information technology has revolutionized the process of the Human Resources management process in an organization. As due to e- technologies now organization uses software to screen the global candidate. Payroll and attendance are been maintained online.
2.    Finance- SAP and other tools enable the organization to effectively maintain 
3.    Operation- E-technologies also changed the overall operational process in supply chain management. More effective supply chain management system is possible now due to technological advancement and introduction (Zhou et al .,2018)
4.    Marketing- Technological advancement has led to having more effective sale promotion. Nowadays due to e-technologies organization and company are using the internet in making and generating the maximum sale. Online promotion is heavily done by the organization to stay in the stiff competition. Now all major promotional activities are performed by social media. 
So e-technologies have transformed the way of the organizational business operation process in many ways. Due to the emergence of the e-technologies more intensive competition is been created over the global level. To respond the challenges of e-technologies and globalization all organization are striving hard to compete with the stiff competition at the domestic as well as international level.
Due to the e-technologies introduction, many organization is forced to adopt the capital-intensive techniques in place of the labor-intensive techniques. So we can say that due to the e-technologies organization are changed to labor-intensive techniques to capital-intensive techniques. Due to globalization and introduction of the e-technologies global competition increased so in a way to compete at a global level with global competitors an organization needs to change its overall organizational structure and operational process. E-technologies has brought the revolution in the organizational operational process at large. Through e-technologies now organization are manufacturing the product with less cost and are earning more profit out of it. 
Acquisition and alliance are now easily done by various company and organization. Now organization are able to forecast the future of the merger and acquisition and accordingly deciding the decision relating to the acquisition and merger.
Radio companies due to the e-technologies radio or other communication companies are facing the stiff competition at the global level. So for this radio companies are adopting the new digital technologies such as internet radio and digital radio. So these challenges and adoption of new technologies have changed the operational process of the organization. Due to the adoption of the new and improved technologies in the business process, it pushed the organization to change its overall business operation as now HR professionals need to provide the particular training to the employee to adjust with the new technologies to operate. Before information technology and e-technologies organization are using their traditional method of updating the attendance and making the payroll of the employee. But now due to the introduction of the e-technologies now an organization is able to maintain the online payroll and online or biometric system of attendance. 

How the supplier of the e-technologies is overcoming the risk, threat associated with the technologies

The suppliers of the e-technologies like Infocular e Technologies is overcoming the risk and threads associated with the technologies its supplies to the client or to any other organization. As before supplying the particular technology to the user or to the client. The supplier uses to evaluate and analyses the overall technologies in a way to reduce the risk associated with the particular technology. Take an example of SAP as before supplying it to the market to the particular user or client Infocular a technological company uses to analyses its potential risk regarding the storing of the data and its security. 
The process of overcoming the risk and threats are as follows 
Bugs detection at the initial level- supplier of the technology used to detect the bugs and addressed the security in regards to the bugs.
Continuous evaluation of the software by timely checking it and reviewing it thoroughly. Before developing the actual model suppliers use to build the prototype of it and check the feasibility of the model and software if the prototype found to be feasible and effective then only supplier or company use to build it in the real sense.
Suppliers also reduce the risk by taking the timely customer feedback about the software and implementing the necessary changes according to the requirements.
Implementing the security team in the organization to check the security concern of the software.
Supplier initially uses to analyze and evaluate the software in regards to the security concern that is supplier analyze that whether the data fed into the software will not be lost at any cost. So basically, the supplier use to detect the bugs at its initial stage and evaluate its strength in regards to its security. If the suppliers found it safe to supply it to the particular client or user or to any organization then only the supplier use to supply (Wiles et al., 2014). Suppliers are also engaged in taking the customer feedback and organizational feedback relating to the software or technologies they have supplied and if any dissatisfaction is found supplier use to amend it for the future purpose.


In the end, it can be very well said that e-technologies have changed the overall organizational operational process. Due to the introduction of the e-technologies organization have changed their business method as to stay in the stiff competitive environment. This e-technologies has made the competition very stiff and to survive the organization is forced to bring changes in their operating system.


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