concept of logistics social responsibility

Question: Discussion on concept of logistics social responsibility

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In this assignment, I have been hired as the logistics manager in the Jones Company. Which is not following the CSR rule and indulge in polluting the environment in many ways such as using high-grade plastic for packaging which is resulting in the death of birds. Lowering down the employees' position without proper reason and notice and more issues. And for this executive manager is not concern about is consequence and effect (Clarkson et al., 2015). So I have to research the company which also not follow the CSR and got affected. So I have to prove the marketing publication, in brief, to convince the executive to follow the CSR which will leads good corporate image and promote sustainable development.

Research of other Company

Volkswagen is also one who got a failure in CSR as in a way to become world’s number one car maker. In a way of competition, they produced an engine which harms environment a lot that their engine emits 40 times more the legal limits of nitrogen oxide (Tippabhotla et al., 2016).


It was found that Volkswagen is not following the ethical standards of engineering.
CSR manager is not taking any legal action in respect to legalities associated with engineering and practices. 

Consequence to the company 

As a result of not considering the CSR and environment, the CSR manager and various executive in the organization have been terminated. It has hampered the image of the company also. Any unethical standards in engineering may lead to resignation not only of the CEO but also a various executive.

Need to respond and follow CSR

Due to the adverse negative impact and implication of not following the ethical engineering standards the company faced a shortfall in regards of the image and various executive have been terminated and fired which put a long-term effect on company's growth and status. So for this company, Volkswagen started to manufacture the car engine according to ethical standards prescribed by the authority and ensured not to produce the engine which will produce nitrogen oxide in the environment beyond the legal limits.
So the need to change the decision is required in a way to stay ahead and safe from legal issues and to build the great corporate image.

Marketing publication

Following the CSR standards and ethical standards is must and it will lead the company to build the good corporate image and brand. Following the CSR guidelines and rules will enable to play safe and secure in the competitive environment. Following the CSR will attract the potential customer also as they will feel belongings toward the company. As a part of the society, every company should follow the CSR. 
Here in the case of Jones Company they also need to follow the CSR in a way to protect the environment and health of the general people. They need to implement the policy and system to recycle the plastic. Proper investigation and notice should be given in advance for terminating or demoting any employee in the organization as it will improve the willingness to work and will reduce the employee turnover and as a result, good and fine corporate culture and the image will be formed (Yousaf et al., 2015). And by this way company will be safe from legal issues and clutches. 


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