Communication Audit Process


Write memo  on communication audit process, the problems of internal communication and the steps taken to solve the problem.


To: The Employees
From: The Director, Data Solutions
Date: 23/3/2018
Subject: Communication audit process, the problems of internal communication and the steps taken to solve the problem

This is to bring to your kind concern that after conducting the organisation based audit in the company, it was evident that there was no such problem with the external communication processes. I must say that problem has been found in the internal communication process. To highlight the problem and find a solution to the problems, I have developed a report on it after consulting the research articles and the journals.

Description of the communication audit process

A communication audit process helps in identifying the external as well as the internal strength and weaknesses of communication. After completion of a successful communication audit, it is necessary that the company must be able to understand and evaluate the efficacy, gaols and thus be satisfied with the communication strategies that are to be adopted by the organisation. These audits will help to isolate and thus promote developments in different areas of communication. It will be easier for Data Solutions to view this type of communication as an integrated concept and thus find necessary areas of improvement within the organisation. 
Specific purpose of the communication audit process
The specific purpose of communication audit process is that is helps of view the different communication processes in the organisation as an integrated concept rather than a series of isolated events. This will help in the exchange of information among the employees and the other organisational hierarchies. 
General purpose of the communication audit process
The general purpose of communication audit process is that it helps in evaluating the current state of affairs that is involved in the transfer of information among the organisation. It is also necessary to identify the different goals and the opportunities that will help in eliminating the communication problem and thus bring changes in the organisation 
Problem in the communication audit process

Problem 1: Employees do not choose appropriate means of communication (traditional or digital) for this context and the audience. The qualitative significance of this problem is that employees do not use the traditional or the digital modes of communication to convey the messages in the right way. The quantitative significance of this problem is employees use only once or twice the exact communication tool in the organisation.
Problem 2: The internal organizational communication network is limited and partial, with some groups being left out. The qualitative significance of this problem is that every employee do not get the right information at the right time. The quantitative significance of this problem is there is no relation among the employees of two teams in the same organisation. 
Problem 3: Inter-organisational meetings are ineffective. The qualitative significance of this problem is that no significant or valuable discussions are held in the team meetings. The quantitative significance of this problem is that the decisions taken by the members of any two teams are not adopted by the organisation. 
Actions taken to solve the problems
The employees must receive proper information and thus take important decisions that play a vital role in the communication process. There must be effective internal communication and this is necessary for internal adequacy among the employees which acts as an important measure for sharing of better relationship between the information received and the information that is needed. The employees can also develop and encourage better and more communication and thus proper feedback is considered to be a crucial part for the organisation. The employees can use internal communication that will help to convert the information into action and thus find out relevant content that is necessary to be provided so that the employees can analyse and test it accordingly. The employees must also choose to enhance the information processes and the communication technologies that will help in the development of market oriented strategies and capabilities in the organisation. 
In internal communication process, there must be special provision that the employees receive the information timely and work on it so that it is considered relevant, accurate and precise for the organisation.  Internal communication audit must be strategically aligned with the organizational goals in accordance with the changing business environment. This helps in better communication process among the employees. There must be formal process of communication in the organisation so that the information is shared among all the employees and no one will be left out from the entire group. Therefore, proper communication with appropriate communication linking the desired behaviour of the employees and the use of effective technologies plays a vital role in the communication process. 
It is necessary to identify the common issue in the inter-organisational meeting and deal with the problem in an effective way. Although different employees might have different views in dealing with the particular issues, the ideas of all the employees must be taken into consideration and it is necessary to choose the proper solution to that problem. There must be separate listing of the issues and this will help in identifying the interests of the employees accordingly. It is the responsibility of the management to choose the best issue and thus combine two or more options to find a satisfactory solution to the problem. Although the conditions might change under different circumstances, it is vital to make contingency agreements about the future circumstances. 

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The importance of communication audit process and the internal communication problems that has arisen in Data Solutions is discussed. Appropriate solutions to the three problems are given and the steps that will be taken by the management as well as the employees of Data Solution are also highlighted. 

Benefits of compliance to the employee and the organisation

The employees must regard this as an important part of the company’s culture. It is the responsibility of the employees to adopt the practices and thus approach the senior executives if they are not sure or unaware of the proper steps. The employees must follow these steps and this will improve the position of the organisation and it will be easier to share the information and carry out the communication process in a much easier way. 
In case, you fail to understand or you would like to highlight any changes and wants further changes in improving the internal communication process, please feel free to contact me.
My address: The Director
                     Data Solutions, Brisbane
                     Call- 131516

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