Communication and Work in Health


Communicate and work in health or community services
QUESTION 1 Bob runs a small business making and bottling gourmet vinegars. He bottles his vinegars in a garden work shed. One day he accidentally knocks over and breaks one of his bottles. Bob didn't realise that some of the glass from the broken bottle got into a full bottle of vinegar before it was capped. Bob sells the vinegar to the local deli, who sells it to Kate. Kate ends up with a badly cut throat from the glass. Did Bob owe Kate a duty of care?


Answer : Yes, Bob owe Kate a duty of care as he has performed negligent activity while bottling gourmet vinegar. At the time of packaging, he accidently break one of the bottle and some glass of broken bottle has been got into the full bottle of vinegar. Here common tort law jurisdiction has been applied as Bob engage in the civil wrong that causes someone else to suffer loss. Even in the given situation he had never met Kate, but the bottle manufactured by Bob has unseen his duty before capping the bottle Thus, in this situation Bob has owe the duty of care while packaging and capping the bottle so that it may not impact or harm their customers. On the other hand, Bob sells the vinegar bottle to the local deli that further sells it to Kate. Kate ends up with a badly cut throat from the glass. Henceforth, Kate has became the person to whom Bob owed a duty of care

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QUESTION 2: Decide if the following are examples of reasonable or unreasonable discrimination.

1. Not to issue a driver’s license to a person who is blind 


Answer : The statement focuses on reasonable discrimination as currently there is no technology that enables the blind person or individual to drive car safely. However, it is a rational or sensible discrimination as it is not possible to issue driver license to blind person as they are not able to drive properly. 


2. Not to modify a training course to meet the need to learner with an intellectual disability


Answer :  On the other hand, another statement is of unreasonable discrimination. With the health care setting or industry there have been many educational expertises that would educate many people with academic disabilities a great many skills. It is an unreasonable discrimination because it is difficult to deal with the situation by not allowing or modifying training courses of the learners that feature an intellectual disability that directly impact their activities and practices (MacKinnon, 2018). Along with this, individual have the same rights as the rest of the people to receive learning and attain their potential. 


QUESTION 3Place the following words describing aspects of health into the correct column. There will be some aspects of the health will be overlapping. Enter the letter a,b,c indicating the response which best matches each item on the left


Physical     (c) playing volleyball
Spiritual     (a) attending mass
Psychological     (d) feeling depressed
Social     (b) mother’s club 
With the help of reviewing above table it has been assessed that there are certain aspects of health that is attained by possible responses. 



QUESTION 4Place the following words describing aspects of health into the correct column. There will be some aspects of the health will be overlapping. Enter the letter a,b,c indicating the response which best matches each item on the left.



Physical     (b) grey hair 
Spiritual     (c) singing Christmas carols 
Psychological     (d) life satisfaction 
Social     (a) mediating 
With the help of reviewing above table it has been assessed that there are certain aspects of health that is attained by possible responses (Brownson, Colditz  & Proctor, 2017). However, mediating might also considered as an effective aspect of health that lead to psychological benefits. 



QUESTION 5 : Keeping your own workplace in mind OR a workplace you are familiar with, choose an area that you think could be improved. Write up a detailed procedures manual. You can then use this manual to document improved processes that you have implemented. If you have never worked in the health industry, you can do an online search for health clinic procedure manuals.


Answer : While working in the healthcare industry it has been assessed that with the advancement in technology it results in improving area in the work practices that is contributing in identifying and voicing improvement in the work practices so that it may assist in delivering best practices to their clients those who seek to care practices within the system (Davenport, 2015). 
The detailed procedural guidebook mainly focuses on different activities that must be implemented with the healthcare setting so that it may continually improve the work practices. The areas for continuous improvement are as follows- 
Infection control
•    Defining proper areas and section of contamination
•    Proper hand washing
•    Proper management of blood as well as body fluid spills
•    Processing of reusable products and items within the healthcare unit 
Customer services, including 
•    Responsiveness to the service users 
•    Telephone techniques 
•    Meeting and greeting the individual 
•    Maintaining confidentiality and privacy of the service users 
•    Cultural awareness to overcome discrimination 
Workplace Health and Safety (WHS)
•    Immunization 
All staff within the healthcare unit in Australia will be offered immunization suitable for their duties so that it may not lead to impact the health of other individual (Dougherty & Lister, 2015).
•    No Smoking 
In order to minimize risk associated with the health and safety, all varieties of tobacco practice are strictly prohibited within the healthcare premises that mainly include enclosed walkways and stairs.
•    Emergencies 
Role of reception in an emergency situation 
?    To know how to make use of different communications equipment likely telephone, public address (PA) system, pagers as well as duress alarms
?    To know the position of emergency equipment
?    To know about the whereabouts of doctors on duty
?    Along with this, role of reception at the time of emergency is to have contact number or telephone number on the hand
Apart from this, policy and procedures manual also features emergency response codes such as
Code blue is for cardiac arrest/medical emergency 
?    In this situation practitioner with healthcare remain calm and attend patient 
?    Observe the patient health and condition carefully so that they may provide require treatment or medical services to overcome the severity of the situation. 
Code red is for fire emergency 
?    Activate nearest fire alarm and contact the Fire Brigade on 000
?    Remove portable oxygen cylinders
?    Proceed all the staff towards the safer door 
Code yellow is for gaseous explosion
?    Isolate or cut off the gas source 
?    Turn off the electricity of the healthcare 
?    Announce all the staff to be evacuate or vacant the premise via safest door
Therefore, all the events in the Policy and Procedures Manual are subjected to be instructed within the setting (Greenfield et al. 2016). 


QUESTION 6Applying the list you made from the previous exercise, write up your own Mission Statement. If you already have a Mission Statement where you work, look at it carefully and ask yourself do you aim to achieve its goals and objectives.


Answer : Through devising the above improvement activities within the healthcare setting I have been engaged in devising and framing my own mission statement that would assist me in improving and amending the areas of improvement so that I may easily deliver the quality and best practices to the patients. In addition to this, for enabling the improvement in the work practices I must seek for producing the professional development training so that I may easily enhance my skills and abilities. Along with this, accessing relevant skill development also support the individual in attaining the goals and objective associated with the policy and procedure manuals within the setting. 


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