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The above cartoon was published on 7th April 2012 edition of the Toronto Sun clearly reveals a strong sense of humor or rather a crafty pun pointing finger to the issue of price hike of gas in Canada. The picture depicts the pitiful condition of a family who are out for an on road journey in their personal car but are staggering from one gas station to the other to find the station that would provide the cheapest gas and the never-ending hunt is no less that the quest for something new. In this regard, the quest for novelty would lead them to the appropriate gas station that would supply them with the gas at the cheapest price. The uninhibited fuel price hike in Canada causes a feeling of panic and fret among the people living in the country and this has been portrayed by the yelling of one of the family members from inside the car. is the number one assignment writing help service that has helped thousands of students by providing high-quality assignments. So if you also want to receive a good grade buy assignment help from our website. Our experts make sure that you receive perfectly structured high-quality assignment writing within your deadline.

The witty cartoonist has referred to the egg hunt of Easter in the cartoon in order to enhance the spirit of humor. Egg hunting in Easter is a conventional practice enjoyed during the Easter when hard boiled eggs or chocolate replicating eggs are hidden secretly and children are instructed to find them and they are rewarded on successful completion of the task by their parents, school or the sponsors of the gathering. Similarly, the exorbitant rates of gas have turned the Canadian earning members to a mere puppet or a child in the hands of the governmental policies of the Canadian government. This is a satirical projection of the witty cartoonist who has displayed the miserable plight of the Canadian common people that are compelled to get involved in the game of gas hunting while trying to spot the cheapest gas station yet they are hardly successful because of the inhuman policies of the government. Just as the children invest their maximum ability to locate the hidden Easter egg, the family earners too try their level best to hit upon the cheapest gas station.

The discontent among the common mass is an obvious outcome when the governmental policies are implemented without anticipating the difficulties that a common man would have to encounter at the price hike and that too of a commodity like fuel which is grouped among the essential item. The undue price rise along with illegitimate taxes imposed has thrown the motorists in distress which has exerted direct and indirect effect on various other aspects of life of a common Canadian citizen. This has also hastened shoot up of general transportation costs in Canada leading people to live in further poverty. Every country has a particular threshold of income marked as standard and any family having the per annum income below that level is considered as poor or below poverty line. The reluctance of the Canadian government to revise the increased price may hurl families to be enlisted below poverty level. The people of Canada feel that the price rise of gasoline has been imposed with unfair objective and the taxes attached with it is looked upon as irrational means to collect governmental revenues. Additionally, the retail industry of gasoline is also affected by the unjust governmental policy. Moreover, the people of Canada are not happy because they feel that the taxes collected through selling gasoline is not being utilized in improvement of roads and public transport and they demand more utilization of excise fuel tax in the development of roads and construction of new ones.

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