Characteristics of Romantic or Neo-Classical Art


Select a work of art from the Romantic or Neo-Classical era that catches your eye, other than the one reviewed in the Case Assignment. It can be one that reminds you of an event from your own life or otherwise elicits some kind of emotional reaction. It is not necessary to include an image of the artwork.
SLP Assignment Expectations
•Write a two to three page essay discussing how the artwork of your choice reflects the typical values and characteristics of Romantic or Neo-Classical art.
•Provide a brief background on the artist as well as a description of the work.
•Include observations of a few stylistic elements to produce a convincing argument.


About the artist and the work:

The artist is one of the greatest French Romantic painters named Eugène Delacroix. The ‘Liberty Leading the People’is a masterpiece developed by him that depicts the heroic glory of the French Revolution and the grisly destruction that happened during that time. The work was a response to the political upheaval when Charles X, the reigning monarch was overthrown (Delacroix, 2006). has expertise in providing the students with the best visual arts assignment help. The writers on our website are well-educated, degree-holders who can provide you with affordable arts assignment help. By taking our arts assignment help online the students can score their desired grades.

The artwork reflects the typical values and characteristics of Romantic art as:

The main characteristic of Romantic art is that it combines the heroic elements with the revolutionary idealism for creating a romantic style that is emotive. The artworks in this period are influenced by the French revolution and they depict a reaction against the revolution. The Romantic art also promotes the idea of justice for all and makes people believe in their sense and emotions rather than trusting the reasons and the intellect. Here, the painters express an emotional personal response to lifein their paintings.  All these characteristics and values are reflected by the‘Liberty Leading the People’. This masterpiece is also a reaction to one of the incidents that occurred during the French revolution i.e. the overthrowing of Charles X. The idea of justice is promoted by the woman in the picture who is depicted as the goddess of Liberty and holding the French revolution flag. The goddess is inspiring and leading people to move forward over the fallen bodies of people and achieve the justice that they deserve. The justice can be achieved when the goddess of liberty will lead the people and they will move ahead of the destructions, fight for themselves and end their sufferings. Emotions have also been depicted in the artwork which is explained by the force of the artist’s portrayal of the explosion that occurred out of the rage of the people on the streets of Paris. 

Observations of the few stylistic elements in the artwork: 

One of the most notable stylistic elements in the artwork is the color that is used here. The flag is a combination of red, white and blue color and it painted very brightly. The flag is representing the France and the Revolution and it is highlighted in the painting. It is placed at the center of the work to depict the leading of the people by the woman and keeping an eye on their journey. The dress of the woman is pale yellow in color and the fighters beside her is wearing the scarf of the same color which shows that the woman has raised him in the fight and has covered his wounds with the piece of her dress. The red color of the belt of the people and peasant smock represent the contemporary workers of Paris. Apart from the color, the light is also very stylistic in the artwork. The power of the lady is emphasized by creating a halo from the smoke of the cannons and putting sunlight on the head of the Liberty. Then the light drips onto the fighter below who is slained so that the viewer’sremember the people who fought in Paris.  

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