Changes towards the Perception of Project Management


This is to write a reflection report on the assignment that I would upload it here. Plus I am also uploading the marking criteria and how to write the reflection report. You have to back that up with references and articles. Also, the referencing has to be done as per UOW Harvard referencing not the Harvard referencing. I will also upload a file showcasing the terminologies of UOW Harvard referencing.




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The reflective journal has propounded the ideas that are highly important for underpinning the total cost identified for the workers that have been engaged in pertaining work schedule for the respective project. Here, the overall description regarding the project tools and identification of different project appraisal method has been encapsulated from which different issues identified along with the lessons learnt from the application. 
Identification of the issues
In this particular project, the determination of cost allocated for making effective completion has been judged. The main objective of this particular project is the completions on the particular due date. So I have understood the importance of the project to accomplish within the due deadline provided by the client. Through completing the project, I have gained the ideas to allocate the task that has been followed through a proposed network. The issues, that I have faced, has ensured about different factors that has been judged to accomplish the task. Initially it was difficult for me in executing the task network, but proper assistance from the other officials has helped me to understand how the task regarding the project has been framed. Utilization of the important tools has been identified which has helped me a lot in evaluating the respective ideas required for the task. Therefore, it is important to use different project management tools and thus for accomplishing the project successfully I have managed to learn the software like critical path through which the activities of the project has been enabled. I have understood that the cost associated with the project will be increased if the project completion will be extended. The allocation of different resources will be paid higher for continuing the project and the overall budget of the project will increase from the anticipated one (Walker, 2015). Therefore, I have underpinned the optimal schedule for the accomplishment of the project and have tried to reduce the cost allocated for the project which is considered as the foremost challenge in order to complete the task of the project. Moreover, different methods regarding the crashing strategy have been encompassed through proper understanding of utilizing the costs are understood by me. The issues regarding the balance of the crash cost has also been judged through determining the medium on which all the costing perspectives are allocated. Apart from this, issues and problems regarding the resolution has been achieved which has facilitated to summon the consecutive impact regarding entire specifications followed for the respective firm. I have also understand that the issues regarding managing the risk for the project has enlisted with proper delivery and mitigation plan and thus it has enlisted the activities of improper time management for competing the project. I have also observed that the proper subject matter expertise is absent in encountering the activities reflecting all the important variations and efficacy needed to entail the project. Moreover, the overall characteristics of the confidence has ensured about the instances that has significantly revealed the perspectives in entailing the sensitive relationship for accumulating the fairness and also empathy in pursuing the effective management perspectives. I have also examined that issues regarding the management skills are probably lower for justifying the influence through which proper mitigation techniques has not been applied in order to perceive efficacy within the project (Pich, et al., 2002). Thus I have experienced that issues regarding the effective communication and building strong connection for the projects are absent and this will easily hinder lower success rate for the organization by which the overall project has been encapsulated. Therefore, it is highly attainable to adopt effective structures of providing support in order to revive the basic interventions relating to the product success for the stakeholders of the project. 
Lessons learnt
In order to complete the overall project, different lessons have to be grabbed in order to focus upon the strategies required to administer the interventions highly required by the firm. In this particular project, I have underpinned different lessons that will help to delineate several actions for completing and administering a project. It is quite significant that, this particular project has to be accomplished with 12 weeks of time. Thus interventions of some important derivatives are highly acquired. In order to undertake the project, requirement of optimum schedule was quite important. Therefore, I have learnt how to measure an optimum network schedule effectively. Then the overall activities that will have to be empowered within the project have been emphasized through understanding the critical path analysis utilizing the project management tool. Through this particular analysis, it has been observed that the overall path and also the duration have been focussed with proper activities predeceasing and succeeding upon the decision and the overall feasibility of completing the project. Moreover, I have understood to prepare the crash cost required within the project through determining the optimal schedule required within the firm. Proper lessons regarding how to allot the task to the respective workers have been understood by me depending upon the situation to accomplish the total work flow. Moreover, I have also gained the ideas and knowledge regarding the skills required to identify the issues of the project. In order to evaluate the means of the project, it is highly important to observe the general skills of management. Through these important perspectives proper leadership and negotiation skills have been administered. Leadership skills will assists in underpinning the activities through which the project will be easily accomplished with proper monitoring activities (Reynolds, 2017). I have also accumulated certain aspects of proving all the experience encountered through judging the track records effectively by determining the subject matter with proper expertise. Moreover, the characteristics and personality regarding the people management skills has been adapted thoroughly for inculcating proper attitude among the respective team member. Apart from this ideas reflected upon for preparing the Gantt chart has been identified by me. Utilizing the software for preparing and underpinning the project software has been emphasized through which proper identification regarding the judgement has been observed. The process of considering the approaches regarding how to calculate the duration upon which the project has been ensured have been easily learned by me so that proper efficiency in handling the project are emphasized.  


Application of the lessons learnt


The lessons learned from the overall accumulation of the project has insisted me to understand the basic consequences regarding the approaches and management tools in order to maintain proper feasibility of continuing the progressive operations effectively. I have understood that for accomplishing the project successfully, it is highly important for me to analyze the actual duration required by the project. The determination of project duration has been ascertained through convoluting exact software assistance to produce gnat chart from the project which resembles about the total project duration. Apart from this, I have understood how to create the network of task that are associated through visualizing the successors and also the predecessors. Therefore, ideas regarding the analysis of making a critical path have been applied by me in order to understand the activities which are followed one after another. Moreover, the critical path has showed me the aspects of the network diagram through which the respective project can be completed within a faster period of time. The identification of cost has also helped me in making proper assessment regarding crashing expenses supplied for administering the respective attitudes that will be formulated throughout the interventions. The critical path has been utilized for the crashing budget that has been required by the firm effectively. Furthermore, the application of critical path has also benefitted the aspects of utilizing proper schedule regarding the project and has also assisted in identifying the optimum level through which the project has been accomplished. On the other hand I have understood that assigning the task to the workers and requirement of funds for the project are necessary. Therefore, application of completing the project for an amount of 11600 dollar within a time period of 12 weeks has been assimilated so as to ensure the project viability and project feasibility. The alignment through finishing the project through the application of cost structures accompanied by the Gantt chart has also been learned by me. The ideas sustained through the improvisation of different achievements regarding the charts has empowered the influence of completing the project within a less number of days has been learned. Apart from this, I have also learned about the consequences regarding how the direction of effective project plan can be synthesized. Moreover, the application of simple process has been affirmed so that effective decisions are formulated in order to achieve successive consequences regarding the fair decisions are learned by me. Again, diversified aspects for persuading the conflicts have been essentially proclaimed through idealizing the influence regarding the overall project has been learned (Binder, et al., 2015). I have also ensured with the learning abilities regarding the mitigation of various problems associated with the project. The risk management among the project has been highly ensured through entailing proper time management consequences along with different problem resolution for the respective project. 


Changes towards the perception of project management 


I have observed after engulfing overall aspects of the project management that the significance of entailing a better approach for the particular project has to be ensured. Thus it is quite evident that empowerment of proper project management techniques are highly required in order to fetch proper significance regarding the sorted principles of cumulating the project operation within a particular sector. Keeping in mind the end goal to assess the methods for the undertaking, it is exceptionally critical to watch the general aptitudes of administration. Through these essential viewpoints appropriate authority and arrangement aptitudes have been controlled. Initiative abilities will helps with supporting the exercises through which the venture will be effortlessly refined with appropriate observing exercises. I have additionally amassed certain parts demonstrating all the experience through judging the track records viably by deciding the topic with legitimate skill. Besides, the qualities and identity with respect to the general population administration abilities has been adjusted completely to inculcate legitimate mentality among the particular colleague. Using the product for getting ready and supporting the venture programming has been accentuated through which appropriate ID with respect to the judgment has been watched (Pich, 2002). The way toward considering the methodologies with respect to how to figure the term whereupon the venture has been guaranteed have been effortlessly learned by me so appropriate productivity in taking care of the task are stressed. Changes in monitoring and evaluation techniques utilized within the project have to be ensured properly in order to undertake proper validation procedure. Nevertheless, enhancement in communication skills will make the workforce efficient to accomplish the work much more faster than the duration taken for completing the project.  


Self Criticism 


Managing a successful project is highly important for a firm to entail successive results in the upcoming years of considering the actions through which the business objectives has been ascertained. Apart from this the conditional perspectives of underpinning the cost required for the project are assumed to be marked up with higher expenditure. The normal aspects of determining the project duration has ensured the fact that the consequences of perceiving the project can be accomplished within a short period of time. Alongside, the attributes has performed the targets by determining the structure through which different objectives will be identified as per the situations that can easily enhance the leadership skills, but the considerations have revealed that the justification of these results will be highly induced through performing the objectives that are required by the firm. In order to mitigate these processes it is highly important to manage the project successfully. I have also examined that the communication techniques assumed as per the significant decision is also deteriorated due to the perception following the important means of projecting the communication techniques so as to ensure proper completion of the project. I have also observed that the employees that are also working in this respective project are not so much knowledgeable and does not possess improvised skill to accomplish project successfully. 




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