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Question:- Write answers for Case study of Genentech


This present assignment is to estimate different proposition for taking decision by Genentech in order to build CCP3 in the future. Apart from this it should be considered to build 12 *12000 facilities for approximately $500 Million. The main purpose is to consider factors while taking such decision in order to compare the overall value of the loss in order for the cost of building such facility. 

Estimation of Demand

A. Calculation of Weighted Avastin Demand (Request Excel)
B. Estimating planning schedule for capacity and demand (RequestExcel)
C. Estimation of loss on demand (Request Excel)
D. Calculation of margin per gram (Request Excel)

Genentech Capacity Strategy

In order for Genentech to approve capacity strategic plan for accommodating 25000 liter tank, the pros and cons for such instances are to be taken into consideration. The capital investment is not substantially considered higher than that of 12000 liter tank as a result of which doubling the capacity of its growth will anticipate higher forms of demand proposition.
In order to do this planning a head design testing proforma will help to take decision for up to next 5 years (Schill et al. 2017). As seen for Genentech, implementation of newer forms of technology will help to propagate cost structure appeal during that particular period. As a result of which this will help to ascertain higher forms of profit margin over a period of 2 years in the long run.
In spite of all this there are certain considerations that will help to make decisions in terms of building faculty in the long run. Factors like changes over a shorter downtime that will eventually propagate changes in the total protein produced with the factor that might not have higher forms of demand prospect, thus if one product is already produced in the meantime, this will propose significant downtime in return.
This is done so as to mediate pancreatic cancer cell migration process and to resist MET inhibition (Zhou et al. 2014). Other than this if one produce is considered crucial for Avastin, having a leftover space for other products will not be running parallel to those that are not yet produced. As this takes 7 to 14 days in the fermentation process for approximate 9 kilogram of production. In view of de Goeij (2016), development of antibody drug in order to conjugate therapeutic approaches. 


It is recommended that Genentech to further improve the current process with respect to boosting their natural throughput. This will ensure building relationship between other manufacturers in order to meet up excess demands while negotiating contracts along with agreements. Such searching of economical as well as strategic buildup infrastructure will necessarily require ascertainment of space needed for such accommodation.
Apart from all of this proper focus should be made in relation to fully complete CCP2 at Vacaville. In contrast to this staying away from messing up with FDA norms and regulation will propose avoidance in long term sustainability.  

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De Goeij, B. E., & Lambert, J. M. (2016). New developments for antibody-drug conjugate-based therapeutic approaches. Current opinion in immunology, 40, 14-23.
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