Buyer Behaviour Assignment

The only part I need the expert to cover in this assignment is the Internal Influence in the background report which I have attached (buyer behaviour assignment 1 Brent file). As this is a group project report and I am in charge to do the internal influence section. (I need about 600 words with 3 references to why making people stream music instead of owning it on CD/ iTunes etc, or other internal influences that may be relevant the expert can add in)



Internal influences:

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Look at the internal influences that are making people stream music instead of owning it on CD/ iTunes etc. the internal influences comes from the consumer attitude, thought process and life style that  they want to looking for. So the different person have different life style and its change by one generation to other. So this case, the people are choosing stream music in stand of owing to it on CD or iTunes. These are consumers gain personal ideas, feeling, attraction, motive, useful through, life style, self-concepts etc. these kinds of internal influences also known as psychological influences.  The internal influences depends on various factor such as consumer interaction with the life style around them, feeling for product, unique collection, test and examination of information. It developed from the consumer thoughts and beliefs and take serious action.  Numbers of factors affect for the internal influence which concern about buyer behavior (Hu et al, 2007).

Personal needs:

The most important internal influence affects consumer buyer behaviors is personal needs, demands and feelings. The consumer demands can be explain by the difference between current or existing product and require product for consumer. The personal need induce from specific motive and it is an area that encourage consumer to satisfy their particular demand. This can be demonstrate through example.  For example, a person want to lunch with quality of hotel as well as home. The both demands cannot satisfied at same time, it is difficult to seller (McAdams et al, 1988). 

By putting these kinds of demand and needs of the consumers, Spotify sellers can looking for their consumer behavior and determination about the multiple selection of song without download from internet source. By understanding consumer demands is critical to direct fulfill or unfulfilled for product selling point of view. So, every consumer have different demand and different purpose to fulfill their demand. For example, a collegian boy buy iPhone for entertainment whereas a business person purchase same product for business application. So different person have different requirement for same product. That needs depends on the use and psychological demand before by from marker. Different demands provide opportunities to launch new product which can satisfied both needs. 



The internal influence may affects consumers buying behaviors is their attitude towards the product. Attitude related to what is feeling or thinking about the product. It is always reflected in the persons. For the seller point of view, it is difficult to form product with different attitude. If buyer has some negative image towards the specific product, it is difficult to change or alter by seller (Eagly et al, 1993). 

Attitude suggest to seller about their consumer interest and how they manage in the overall market point of view. The attitudes towards the streaming music is considerable demanding compare to local installed or CD/DVD music system. The Spotify needs to maintain in modern generation about this system. Whereas consumer are visible with specific group or figure. That can be highlighted through advertisement and collective information they need from the product. However, through this significant feature, if consume observe some conflict about the product than they attitude will be change. This affect lot for the seller in order to sell product to the specific group. For this case, youngster and collegian likes to purchase these kind service and if negative image create then entire group will refuse to buy. 

The attitudes of the consumers are observe as they are form with their personal experiences and every good point as they are influenced by thinking and suitable personality. A good person have good attitudes and that influence to their group circle. It also include household person and connection of entire group. Developing the positive image is crucial to act upon the consumer attitude. 


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