Business Intelligence And Decision Support System Techniques


 Submit a 2 to 3 page paper focused on decision support systems (DSS) and business intelligence (BI). Provide an example of a DSS with a visually effective graphical user interface (GUI), and explain how the GUI features can be used to facilitate the decision making process in an organization.



Decision Support System and Business Intelligence

Nowadays, due to recent and innovative technologies, there are large amounts of data also known as big data is produced for analyzing purposes.
There is an urgent need for the businesses of demand and supply to respond more actively to the explosively changing marketplace. Hence, mangers need to gather and analyze a large amount of data in very less time. To solve this problem, various organizations used decision-making techniques such as business intelligence (BI) and Decision support system (DSS)(Chan, 2009).

BI systems help to deduce relationships between business organizations by analyzing large amounts of data(Foley and Guillemette, 2010). Whereas, DSS(Chan, 2009) systems provide information from the available data in the right time for the right person to make correct decisions. DSS was originated in 1970's for business decision support. Mainly it combines the decisions made by many individuals to improve the decision-making process to solve big problems. 

The relationship between business intelligence and decision support system was started to support the decision-making process. Business intelligence uses decision support system to manipulate data in real time.(Foley and Guillemette, 2010) ,The key similarities of DSSs and BI systems are:Making a business decision and helping to make the decision better and more effective. DSS and BI both are based on big data.

DSS architecture comprises four models such as data-driven DSS Model, knowledge-driven DSS Model, document-driven DSS Model and communication-driven and group DSS Model.
Some standard technology components used in business intelligence is:
- Data warehouse
- Data mining
- Business management
- User Interface (e.g., dashboard)
- Business analytics

The main differences between DSS and BI are that Decision Support System is a software application that analyses data and make business decisions more effectively(Niu, Lu and Zhang, 2009). While in Business Intelligence, there are broad categories of technologies and computer programs for analyzing, storing and granting access to data in order to help the organization make better decisions quickly.The main process for making decisions using business intelligence is gathered data, then turn it into information and finally into knowledge.(Niu, Lu and Zhang, 2009)

Example of DSS using GUI for a Vegetated Treatment System

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The design of the vegetated treatment system was made using graphical user interface by practicing environmental professionals.
Graphical user interface helps in decision support system as point and click applications are a much more sophisticated representation of the resources and making it more user-friendly with the help of menus and choosing varied options according to preference. The user can learn more quickly through graphical user interface than non-graphical user interfaces.(Jansen, 1998)
All parameter needed for the vegetated treatment system was analyzed and discussed by the environmental professionals with the help of designs made using graphical user interface. Various parameters included knowing your users, understanding and implementing business functions and using good screen design with effective colors.
Flowchart describing the interactions between the simulation model and the GUI
GUI menu bars and icon bar
Hence, a decision support system for vegetated treatment system was developed with the help of GUI, and a typical waste pit was generated.



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