Business for Social Responsibility


Business for Social Responsibility 

In the modern corporate world, the businesses give importance on posing themselves as an ethical organization instead of carrying the business activities with its consumers and the other business-to-business customers. The current essay focuses on analyzing how the increased importance on social responsibilities of the businesses is affecting their activities.
The contemporary businesses require balancing between the profit-making and the acts which are beneficial for the society (www.ethicscan.can, 2018; Trevino and Nelson, 2016). The modern organizations put stress on creating a positive relationship with the people and the environment where they operate. The positive relationship with the society is considered as critical for improving the employee morale. As a result, the businesses can attract and retain employees more effectively, increase the productivity and run in a more profitable manner. Facilitating the people, associated with the business helps organizations to increase the company reputation. It, in turn, assists the businesses to get long-term success. 
It can be concluded that every business has some responsibilities towards the society and bearing those responsibilities is becoming more important for the organizations over time. If a business creates positive relationship with the society, it develops a reputation. As a result, retaining the employees, increasing their level of engagement to the organization is becoming easier for the business.

Codes of Conduct 

The need for businesses and the professionals to act ethically is increasing day by day. The modern consumers and the employees are looking for basic guidelines that help them to carry out the daily activities (, 2018). The current essay deals with the process of developing code of conducts for a modern organization. 
The code of ethics can serve different purposes, including guiding people in their works and inspiring the employees to create value for the organization. Therefore, for developing the code of ethics in an organization, a clear purpose needs to be identified at first. Considering the people for whom the code of ethics is developed is important for enhancing the effectiveness of these codes. Finally, it is important to decide how the codes would be publicized among the people. Unless the codes are publicized in the proper way, people in the organization would not be aware of it and as a result, the code fails to give desired result.
The discussion indicates that the code of ethics needs to be customized according to the specific needs of an organization. The code of ethics becomes more effective when the key stakeholders and employees are involved with the development process. It ensures that the codes are able to fit their needs.


Modern businesses not only focus on ensuring profits for their shareholders, instead the contemporary organizations are now focusing on embracing a model of corporate citizenship. The current essay focuses on discussing how the organizations do are moving to the model of corporate citizenship model and how it is affecting their business activities.
The organizations implement the corporate citizenship model in different stages. At the elementary stage the corporate citizenship responsibilities remain undefined to the organizations. In the later stage, the organizations start focusing on personal development of their employees, involving their shareholders into the business and involve the community surrounding the business also into the daily activities. However, there are some large organizations like AT&T and Cisco which focuses on transforming the society using their services like IoT and other applications of the digital technology (,2018;Cisco, 2018);. It is evident that these organizations aims at being a responsible corporate citizen and design their offerings in such way so that the products and services benefit the society.
The current discussion indicates that the organizations are focusing more to benefit the society through different activities instead of earning profit only. Instead, the organizations are giving importance on promoting social transformation through their activities to obtain long term success.


Moving towards sustainability is the new trend of the organizations. The modern businesses consider that working for the benefit of society helps them to attain long term growth ( ,2018). Therefore, the modern businesses are giving importance collaborating with the stakeholders for the collective benefit. In this essay, how the businesses changing their operations and moving towards a sustainable form are discussed.
A business that works in sustainable manner operates in such way so that they can manage the risks and obligations towards the society in addition to meeting the financial goals. The businesses use different ways to make their processes sustainable. Involving the stakeholders to the business activities is one of the moves that help businesses to operate in a sustainable manner. Engaging the stakeholders to the business activities helps the organizations to understand the common interests and the reasons behind opposition. It, in turn, help the organizations to make decisions which ensures collective benefit.
Discussion in the essay indicates that understanding the requirements of the stakeholders is important for businesses to operate in a sustainable manner. The modern organizations have realized it and so, focus on engaging the stakeholders to their activities for making decisions jointly.

PUBLICATIONS (Journal & Magazines) 

Earning reputation is critical for the businesses and operating ethically is one of the ways that help the businesses to earn reputation (, 2018; Crane and Matten, 2016). Business ethics is the norm that assists the organizations to differentiate between the right and the wrong. In the essay, the ways modern businesses are using to act ethically are discussed.
Every business has its own principles that set the core values of the organization. The contemporary businesses are now focusing on achieving sustainability so that their activities benefit the society. In addition to ensuring the common benefit, the modern businesses also require ensuring that they are following the industrial ethics also. For instance, an organization needs to ensure that it is not showing biasness to the employees on basis of their gender. In other words, the businesses need to ensure that they are providing equal opportunities to all the employees irrespective of their gender. Similarly, a business can ensure that it is not supporting child labor in any way.
The current discussion indicates that operating ethically is important for the modern businesses. In addition to engaging the stakeholders, the businesses have to distinguish between the right and wrong practices also to operate ethically.

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