Brief note on Public Health Issue


Question: Write a brief note on public health issue.


Title: A challenge of infant mortality rate in the US and its impact on the healthcare system in terms of human rights violation.

Purpose of study

Infant mortality rate has been criticized on the basis of measurement of health population in the US. The infant mortality rate is the highest in the US in comparison with the other developed economies of the world. The purpose of this briefing note is to create awareness for this rising problem among the US health officials so that they will take some preventive measures for this problem. A general measure of the population is useful for making a comparison with the health status of the population of the country and highlight the population in terms of health care services.

Summary of facts

The infant mortality rate is defined as the number of deaths under the age group of one year per 1000 live births in a year. The recent statistics of 2017 shows that the rate of deaths in the US is seven per1000 live births, which is highest in comparison with other developed economies. This reflects the association between the infant mortality rate and the factors which influence the health status of the whole society, in terms of social wellbeing (Deborah Klein Walker, S. (2018). The recent statistics as per the Organization for Economic Cooperation and development   shows that thirty developed countries are having low mortality rates and they spend less than the US in terms of healthcare. With the country, the infant mortality rate is highest in areas of Mississippi and Alabama in comparison with Washington mad Massachusetts, which shows that there is a huge gap in term s of health acre between the blacks and whites in the US. As the rate of deaths is 2.5 times more in Hispanics in comparison with the non-Hispanic white women (Khazan, 2018). This is considered as the greatest injustice in the country, as the chance of living is dependent on the place where the child is born. It is the urgent need for US to develop the comprehensive health strategies for the population of US to decrease the rate of mortality among infants.


To conclude the study, it is noted that the health care providers have to determine the factors that lead to differences in the infant mortality in the country. The research states that the government has to focus on non-Hispanic women as the death rate is probably high among them. The preventive measures that will be adopted in terms of nutrition program and teen prevention pregnancy programs which result inadequate health care benefits for mothers and babies and protect the rights of non-Hispanic in the society.


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