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University Of South Florida Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - linear programming

Question - 1 Consider the following linear programming problem:
Maximize 4X + 10Y
Subject to: 3X + 4Y
The feasible corner points are (48,84), (0,120), (0,0), (90,0).
What is the maximum possible value for the objective function
none of the above
2. Rolf Steps is the production manager for a local manufacturing firm. This company produces
staplers and other items. The annual demand for a particular stapler is 1,600 units. The holding cost
is $2 per unit per year. The cost of setting up the production line is $25. There are 200 working days
per year. The production rate for this product is 80 per day. If Rolf decided to produce 200 units each
time he started production of the stapler, what would his maximum inventory level be ...Read More

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