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University Of Hawaii Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - the Cost of Good

Question - Use the information provided below to prepare the Cost of Good Manufactured Schedule:Bravo had the following costs as of Dec 31, 2010. Enter the correct values in the Green shaded cells. Table C Materials used in baking bread ? Factory Supervisor Salaries 20,000 Bakers wages $32,000 Rent for Executive Offices 36,000 Sales Commissions 10000 Utilities used in the factory 5000 Advertising costs 12000 Delivery truck costs 25000 Depreciation on bake ovens 500 Interest on bank loan 250 Beginning Inventory Materials 10,000 Beginning Work in Process 8000 Ending Inventory Materials 4000 Inventory Purchases 26000 Ending W ork in Process 2500 Other Overhead costs 1200 Beginning Finished Goods Inventory 7500 Ending Finished Goods In ...Read More

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