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University Of California, San Diego Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Financial Accounting

Question - Resource:Ch. 5 7 of Financial Accounting Complete Exercises BE5 1, BE5 2, BE6-5, BE6-7, BE7-4, BE7-5, & BE7-6. Submit as either a Microsoft Excel or a Microsoft Word document BE5-1Presented here are the components in Korinek Company s income statement. Determine the missing amounts. Sales Cost of Gross Operating Net Revenue Goods Sold Profit Expenses Income $ 71,200 (b) $ 30,000 (d) $12,100 $108,000 $70,000 (c) (e) $29,500 (a) $71,900 $109,600 $46,200 (f ) BE5-2Pocras Company buys merchandise on account from Wedell Company. The selling price of the goods is $900 and the cost of the goods sold is $590. Both companies use perpetual inventory systems. Journalize the transactions on the books of both companies. BE6-5In its first m ...Read More

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