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the ohio state university Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Various costs

Question - Various costs associated with the operation of factories are given below. Classify each cost as either
variable or fixed with respect to the number of units produced and sold. Also indicate whether each
cost would typically be treated as a direct cost or an indirect cost with respect to units of product. List
each numbered item with either a "V" for variable or an "F" for fixed and either a "D" for direct cost or
"I" for indirect cost so for example: 1. VD, 2. FI, etc.

1. Electricity to run production equipment
2. Rent on a factory building
3. Cloth used to make drapes
4. Production superintendent's salary
5. W ages of laborers assembling a product
6. Depreciation of air purification equipment used to make furniture
7. Janitori ...Read More

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