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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Waiting time

Question - Waiting times, manufacturing lead times. The SRG Corporation uses an injection molding machine to
make a plastic product, Z39. SRG makes products only after receiving firm orders from its customers.
SRG estimates that it will receive 50 orders for Z39 (each order is for 1,000 units) during the coming
year. Each order of Z39 will take 80 hours of machine time. The annual capacity of the machine is
5,000 hours.
1. Calculate (a) the average amount of time that an order for 239 will wait in line before it is processed
and (b) the average manufacturing lead time per order for Z39.
2. SOS is considering introducing a new product Y28. SRG expects it will receive 25 orders of Y28
(each order for 200 units) in the coming year. Each order of ...Read More

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