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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Method

Question - Eppes Plating Company plans to sell 120,000 units of a certain product line at a price of $6.
There are 10,000 units of the product in the inventory at January 1 and the inventory is to be
increased 20% during the year. Two types of materials are used to make the product. Four
units of Material A each costing 30 cents are required for each unit of product, and two units of
Material B costing 40 cents are required for each unit of product. On January 1 there are
10,000 units of Material A in inventory and 5,000 units of Material B. Plans for the year indicate
that 12,000 units of Material A and 6,000 units of Material B are to be produced in 15 minutes
of direct labor time. Direct labor is paid at the rate of $8.00 an hour. The variab ...Read More

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