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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Materials

Question - Smoky Mountain Corporation makes two types of hiking boots"Xtreme and the Pathfinder. Data
concerning these two product lines appear below:

Xactive Pathbreaker
Selling price per unit $ 127.00 $ 89.00
Direct materials per unit $ 64.80 $ 51.00
Direct labor per unit $ 18.20 $ 13.00
Direct labor-hours per unit 1.4 DLHs 1.0 DLHs
Estimated annual production and sales 25,000 units 75,000 units

The company has a traditional costing system in which manufacturing overhead is applied to units
based on direct labor-hours. Data concerning manufacturing overhead and direct labor-hours for the
upcoming year appear below:

Estimated total manufacturing overhead $2,200,000
Estimated total direct labor-hours 110,000 DLHs ...Read More

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