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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Margin

Question - EXERCISE E4-12 - CVP Analysis, Profit Equation
Clyde's Marina has estimated that fixed costs per month are $300,000 and variable cost
per dollar of sales is $0.40
a. What is the break-even point per month in sales? ANSWER Thru N
Enter text answer here.
Selling price: (Relational) AVariable cost: (Relational) BContribution Margin: (Relational) CFixed
costs:Amount DAf·Amount E=Formula Fb. What level of sales is needed for a monthly profit of$60,000
?(Amount G+Amount H) Af·Amount I=Formula Jc. For the month of July, the marina anticipates sales
of$1,000,000 What is the expected level of profit?(Amount K*Amount L) -Amount M=Formula N REQUIRED
answers for A thru N

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