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Each student café assignment is worth 8 marks; word count ranges from 300 – 450 words. There are five student café assignments required for the course – the five student café assignments are worth 40% of final mark. Below is the rubric on how you will be marked.
Student Café Assignment Rubric
Dimension Exemplary – Exceeds Standard
16 – 14 marks Competent – Meets Standard Adequately
13 – 9 marks Developing - Needs Work Does Not Meet Standard
8 – 5 marks Below the Standard
4 - 0 marks
Introduction & Conclusion Psychological position is clearly introduced.
Conclusion is clearly stated, connected to and logically flows from discussion of psychological terms, ideas and/or theory. Psychological position is stated ...Read More

Solution Preview - D University Name Introduction To have operating classical conditioning, it needs to seek an operant conditioning, which would be based on observational learning. this would be essential to have a valuable answer that can relate to human behavior. To analyze how there can be classical conditioning it needs to determine how there can be an eleva

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