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Kaplan University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - need help with requirment 2

Question - need help with requirment 2

Tweety Company manufactures one model of birdbath, which is very popular. Tweety sells all units it
produces each month. The relevant range is 0'2,100 units, and monthly production costs for the
production of 1,600 units follow. Tweetys utilities and maintenance costs are mixed with the fixed
components shown in parentheses.

Production Costs Amount
Direct materials $ 2,300
Direct labor 6,900
Utilities ($130 fixed) 590
Supervisors salary 2,800
Maintenance ($290 fixed) 490
Depreciation 850

Requirement 1:
Express each cost as a rate per month or per unit (or combination thereof). (Round per unitvalue to
2 decimal places. Omit the "$" sign in your response.)

Production Costs Rate
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